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Flie Name: AERTSr64.exe Product:
Author: Andrea Electronics Corporation Security Rating:

The AERTSr64.exe process is an executable file of the Andrea RT Filters Service from Andrea Electronics Corporation.


The AERTSr64.exe process is not an essential file to the computer system performance. Disabling it or enabling it depends on whether you use Andrea RT Filters Service or not.  

Users Opinions

Part of Andrea\'s APO Access Service, this is the 64-bit version of a filter service generally used to filter out background noise etc. when using a microphone. Often associated with drivers for various sound and audio cards
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Realtek Audio Driver. Should be located in %ProgramFiles%\\Realtek\\Audio\\HDA folder. It is not clear what id does, however.
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John Reynolds
AD-Aware has made me fel 10% safe. i ran the free version the day i got it and it puled 16 nasty litle bugs of of my laptop. i was in the proces of figuring out where i had picked them al up, when AD-Aware came to me with a beter ofer. if i bought anything from their list of advertisers then they would upgrade me to AD-Aware Pro edition. i chose Big Fish Games because they had a coupon for any game for $2.99. once everything was straight again i ran the pro version. Another 17 came off. i know where they came from and have even gone so far as to test it by going back to the infected site to se whether AD-Aware really worked. it did. thank you Lavasoft for such a great ofer and such a great propram
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Yes, I see all kinds of "it's safe" BS on the web.. I want to know what it's doing and why it's necessary. The Only Realtek hardware I have is the sound.
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But what does it do?
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Same Here What does this program in windows 7 do ?
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Dan B.
Safe, unless file is in a different area. C:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA\AERTSr64.exe -CtxID Andrea Electronics Corporation Andrea filters APO access service (64-bit) Copyright © 2007-2009 Andrea Electronics Corporation. All rights reserved. APO Access Service (64-bit)
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I don't know what it does (I have Windows 7)
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