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The GoogleCrashHandler.exe process is an executable file of the GoogleCrashHandler belonging to Google Update software. GoogleCrashHandler is used to restore your opened tabs and submits a crash report to Google whenever Google Chrome crashes.


The GoogleCrashHandler.exe process is not an essential file to the computer system performance. Disabling it or enabling it is down to the user's options. 

Users Opinions

Much like google update I\'ve never been able to catch it doing Anything good OR bad.I disable crash handler because I\'m fairly certain that Google could care less about our PC\'s crashing after the first 3 months or so because by then they have learned everything there is to know about crashes on that particular OS,so what they do with the data they collect between then and the next New OS release is anybody\'s guess.
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While I had GoogleCrashhandler.exe installed on my machine. It really slowed things down. it also stopped me from installing some virus fighting tools. I uninstalled it and Things got better right away.
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la ce foloseste
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If you\'re running google chrome for a browser, no harm in keeping it.
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this is also from google, I think this is a 32bit version of the crash handler program.
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Czasami musz? go wy??czy? bo spowalnia dzia?anie i zawiesza inne przegl?darki .
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This is a safe program, from Google of course, and serves only for notifying Google when a Google program (i.e. Google Chrome) crashes. Unfortunately, some systems wind up with more than 1 instance of this program running at a time. This can sometimes slow down your PC. If you are having this problem, I would advise disabling it from the startup list and deactivating it from within Google Chrome options.
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Tony White
Everyone should always send anonymous usage statistics to Google so they can improve their products. I recommend this to everyone!
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leaks your resourses and your connection
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Why three instances?
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If this shows up, it means you know full well you chose to sent anonymous usage statistics to Google. This is for when Google crashes, of course. :)
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Google Updater for Chrome, Earth, and Google Desktop. Not neccesary, but quickly and quietly updates programs automatically.
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naw, I am yanking it off...Google Sucks!! always spying on you....nazi's.
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GoogleCrashHandler.exe runs continuously on your computer if you’ve selected to send anonymous usage statistics and crash reports to Google for certain Google software, like Google Chrome. It helps send crash details to Google when your Google software unexpectedly shuts down. Google use this data to help determine how to prevent these errors from happening in the future. To stop GoogleCrashHandler.exe from running, turn off the sending of usage statistics and crash reports for all the Google software on your computer
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