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Flie Name: Hpservice.exe Product:
Author: Hewlett-Packard Corporation Security Rating:

The Hpservice.exe process is an executable file of the HP Service developed by Hewlett-Packard Corporation. It is used to detect updates for the HP laptop.


The Hpservice.exe process is not an essential file to the computer system. Disabling it or enabling it is down to the user's options. 

Users Opinions

Klas W
There is no such thing as a executional file without the .exe attached. If HP support says it should have no .exe-ending then they don´t know what they are talking about. The file has to do with the HP Mobile Dataprotectionsystem. The Correct name is \"HpService.exe\", and it is located in the System32 folder. happy new year KW IT-tecnichian/COI
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Ed Lake
HpService Mobile Data Protection System in C:\Windows\System32
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Friends, just got off phone with HP Support. This file was identified as a virus based on 1) its location and 2) the addition of the ".exe" as its file type. On my laptop, it was found on C:\Windows\System32 I think. The legit file would simply be "Hpservice" and found in an HP file located in C:\Programs. I repeatedly asked the associate as to whether he was positive on these details. He said he was. I deleted it. I hope this information helps! Thanks for having a forum like this. Peace! :) -JC
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Potentially dangerous. Found this (supposedly) HP program on a dell laptop consuming all available CPU.
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I would like to let anyone interested in knowing, that this appeared after doing a fresh install. It cannot be trojan or malware as I had all drivers and updates on disk, and was not on the internet when this appeared after installing drivers. The crappy thing is, under services, they (HP) don't even give a description of this service, which, in my opinion, makes it seem suspicious. However, I do concur that this is to do with the 3D Driveguard.
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Legit software to protect your hard drive against shocks (3D Driveguard)
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Drive Lock - protects hdd from drops/falls/bumps
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As I understand it, there is a Trojan that has exactly the same name as a legit HP program. Which means... It is hard to know if this is a legit or bad file.
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HPService.exe is use in conjuncture with ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection. This is the program that detects movement in your computer to decide if the hard drive needs to be stopped or locked to protect damage.
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dr PC
kkw3 is 100% correct. this protects the laptop.
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HP's 3D Driveguard senses sudden motion by your laptop and parks the drive, for example, if you drop your laptop or knock it off a desk. it uses few resources, so unless it is causing problems, do not delete.  More information
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B Pickett
check on later, not considered dangerous from more information. If it hogs resources, its gone.
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Mr. Tech
I have ran just about every scan possible against this program and have not found anthing wrong with it. For that matter HP runs it and is a safe process.
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trojan vista
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