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File Name: Integrator.exe Product:
Author: Glarysoft Ltd Security Rating:

The Integrator.exe process is a part of Glary Utilities from Glarysoft. 

Other instance of Integrator.exe:

Product: TuneUp Utilities 2006
Author: TuneUp Software GmbH
The Integrator.exe can also be the process associated with TuneUp Utilities 2006 from TuneUp Software GmbH.


The Integrator.exe process a non-essential file for the system performance. But it is required by certain tool from Glary Utilities to work properly.

Users Opinions

how to fix missing Integrator.exe
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Anne Sherwood
When This program was installed, the tech also installed a program called "LastPass". Every time I use it to get into my account, it gives out the wrong password and I cannot get into it. I have no idea how to correct this, but it has made a mess for me. I would like the young fellow that installed this to call me and make an appointment to rectify this situation.  More information
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Ed Lake
Glary Utilities 3 Main Application in C:\Program Files (x86)\Glary Utilities 3
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Rebecca Neill
Integrator.exe did not update with the last update. I had to press ignore when the installation tried to run that file and several other files. If there are glitches in the installation how can it remove or repair glitches in the operating system. It causes my screen to lock up and the only thing that will work is task manager to restart the computer. Since there is no support or help for this program I am not sure it is that useful
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Roy Smith
Is there a way to fix an error with Integrator.exe at startup? I don\'t care if it runs, but I want Glary Utilities to work properly on my computer, so the startup error message is something I want to *fix*, not simply to get rid of. I am a GU Pro customer.
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Cheasy from Hungary
Folyton vizsgálom saját gépem, több ilyen programmal. Például eddig legjobb Ccleaner, RegCleaner. Ismerem saját Reg data base sok rendszeren. W98, WXp, W7. Ez a program szerintem megel?zi minden eddigi cleaner program. Jól és érthet?en kidolgozott, alapos, gyors. Csak ajánlom mindenkinek. :)
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Gagandeep Singh
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Jack Canon
Integrator.exe is part of Glary Utilities it runs when Glary Utilities is open or starts, if you don\'t want it to run in the back ground take Glary Utilities off start up by going to menu setting uncheck \"load Glary Utilities on windows start up\" and close Glary Utilities. Hello !!
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And still no one has said what Integrator.exe IS or what it DOES. Just saying \"needed for some parts of Glary to work properly\" is NOT sufficient info!
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i think this is brilliant
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popularity 3 negativ 3 report Report Abuse
Paddy Trehy
Excellent, easy to use and safe utility to maintain system performance
popularity 16 negativ 19 report Report Abuse
Wendy S.
I always 'clean up' my computer by emptying out all the unnecessary crap, running virus scanners, running Hijack This, running Disk Defragment, and NOTHING has worked as well and as quickly as Glary Utilities. All I can say is a huge THANK YOU.
popularity 4 negativ 4 report Report Abuse
Absolument génial et presque indispensable. Très bon utilitaires d'aide à Windows. Maintenant il fait beaucoup de choses, alors il ne faut pas lui en demander de trop. Dans chaque domaine, il y a des utilitaires plus performants ...  More information
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I feel its definitely a very good utility, however, it does not clean up unwanted files that well. I scanned my system with GU and it shows me 1.7MB of file to be cleaned where as CCleaner showed me 23MB
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P.C. Repairs
Glary Utilities with Advance System Care and AVG will keep your system clean and virus free.
popularity 20 negativ 16 report Report Abuse
P.C. Repairs ( QUOTE ) Glary Utilities with Advance System Care and AVG will keep your system clean and virus free. (QUOTE) Avg Suck. I will repeat as many time needed I've been in the hacker world AVG IS THE WORST anti-virus EVER For a P.C Repairs you should go back at school.
popularity 32 negativ 45 report Report Abuse
i have never heard that avg sucks,i use avast,but who would think glary,which rocks,I love it,was an antivirus app.anyone reading this,don't go online with out virus protection,you'll be sorry,especially FB OR MS.
popularity 2 negativ 1 report Report Abuse
(QUOTE)this is a really great tool. got rid of my avg.... (QUOTE) You'r crazy removing avg cause you have glary avg is not perfect easily hackable, glary is also easily corrupted. yes that a good told, but don't over-estimate this product. Norton suck. Avg suck. Ccleaner is also best then glaryutility for registery key. glary do not repair every thing and l often leave some registery key or need to repair 2-3-4 time the same registery key. Glay is not a full anti-virus Programs It's only for maintenance !!!! And a Bit of spyware. Glary oten don't detect the spyware , often my malvares bytes is better and detect threat that glary do not. You have some good options onglary i really agree like wiping the empty space or ur pc and thing like that. BUT DON'T OVER -ESTIMATE THIS PRODUCT THIS IS NOT AN ANTI-VIRUS!
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Ok. I've read all of this and I still don't know what the "Intergrator" is for. I use Glary's everyday with the "Integrater' blocked by Zone Alarm and it's seems to be doing just fine without it. Someone want to let me know why I should not block it???
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