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Flie Name: PDAgentS1.exe Product:
Author: Raxco Software, Inc. Security Rating:

The PDAgentS1.exe process is a part of the PerfectDisk 10 from Raxco Software, Inc, which is designed to analyze usage patterns and organize data to minimize future fragmentation. It also supports offline defragmentation that optimizes parts of the drive, such as the Master File Table and the page file, that can't be modified while Windows is running.


The PDAgentS1.exe process is not an essential file to the computer system performance. Disabling it or enabling it depends on whetehr you use PerfectDisk.

Users Opinions

dr bits
PDAgent, PDAgentS1. and PDEngine are the opperating parts of PerfectDisk (defragmenter).  More information
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Greg J
pdagents1.exe is part of PerfectDisk 10.  More information
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Trusted Agent from Perfectdisk 2009.
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