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The PMB.exe process is Pando Media Booster, which is a downloader utility used by games online to download updates directly, rather than from the game company's server. It also enables your computer to get high downloading speed or streaming speed of very large files such as high-quality HDTV video, or giant games. Although the process has CPU issues sometimes, it is safe to users without malicious files. It can be removed through ‘add/remove programs’ in the Control Panel.


PMB.exe is a downloader utility to speed up downloads. It causes no damage to PC performance. But spyware or virus would disguise themselves as it. Thus, make sure always check the location of the file and run anti-virus/malware software to scan and remove problems if there is any.

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If you don't want it to start every single time you start your computer, just open Control Panel and click on "Pando Media Booster" there. Then uncheck "Start Media Booster when I start Windows".
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I live in Canada. We have very low data caps for very expensive monthly prices. Pando Media Booster, which I had for a number of games, costed me about $60 in bandwidth charges over two months. I know this because my upload was almost on par with my download, despite me doing nothing that would involve uploading outside of light gaming, which doesn't drain 20 gigs a month. I had thought I was just downloading a ton before I checked my monthly upload usage. I open up my Resource Monitor to get to the bottom of things, and I see 20 instances of PMB.exe using about 400kb/s collectively. This piece of "software" costed me more than any virus ever has.
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Got this garbage from LoL. I luckily caught it the next time i logged on, and closed out. Alas, it popped up again the next time i logged out / in. Malware Bytes also blocked an outgoing link from this. Remove immediately.
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angry nigg
the cunt rapes your bandwidth and doesn't pay child support
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Doesn't seem to serve a purpose. Ate about 50% of my upload capacity and with µtorrent using the other half, I got a red latency playing WoW. Closed it down and everything back to normal. Remove this one ASAP.
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Got this when installing the Gamersfirst LIVE! downloader. It didn't even ask me if I wanted to install it and no where did it say anything about this program. It caused havoc with my internet connection, causing it to slow to a crawl. It was also somehow screwing with Firefox, making it crash for some reason. I only noticed PMB.exe when I went to the task manager to shut down Firefox for being unresponsive. While Pando denies this being malware, it most certainly acts like one. After removing this program and fixing the many registry errors it caused, my internet went back to working flawlessly. Seems a lot of free2play game companies are utilizing this method to distribute their game. Unfortunately, this program will destroy your bandwidth by constantly seeding anything you download, even after you've finished downloading the program. Whats worse is it will continue to operate even after you've shut down and restart your computer.
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It's practice is questionable, no denying. Figured out while looking at my firewall log blocking connections. Tries to makes TCP connections port range 56000-59xxx seems there's a pattern but quite random and wide ranged. Very intensive and obstrusive, it attempts to establish outgoing connection every second. Stealth Install without obvious notification or confirmation requiring user interaction(click yes/no). Although you can check easily in control panel of its existence after installed. It does not try to hide, but it wasn't respecting You or your PC or your bandwidth either. Mostly works like Peer to peer centralized server (cloud). Which is ok, but needs to be very secure as it interacts with lots of other people/machines. Claims to be verified by verisign, related with Intel corp. seems ok, but there's no telling. Time will tell its reputation... partnered with many FreeTo Play games and media delivery provider (music/videos) Problem is it is installing without consent, questionable and intrusive methods without consent of using your PC resources and bandwidth! BE CAREFUL with your Internet Provider Plan's UPLOAD QUOTA being used up! Could be Gigabytes gone by the time u realise. Use depending on whether you need it or your application/games/media must have it running, otherwise I suggest removal. You do not really need it anyway. It Helps with your downloads (only valid with certain applications' files from PMB's partners) when you download, after that it helps other people downloads by automatically making you upload the file that you have downloaded even after you finished. P2P concept.. but there's no obvious control or monitoring for the files being transmitted up/download by you through your PC. Also it reinstalls itself (e.g. when you run the program that needs it etc) PMB is a 3rd party, partner based, downloader/uploader P2P software with questionable practices. I would remove it for whatever reason and try to run the games/media/apps in other ways... or not at all since it is supporting PMB's methods. Read the EULA and discover even more disrespectful terms from them (e.g. having unlimited connection access from you with no time limit) BAD  More information
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another lol player
It gives you lag the browsers opens websites after 2-15minutes and games lag as hell.This was a really bad problem and i was thinking it was a pc "Problem" but now i can easilly turn it off with the task manager.
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This software use my upload without inform me. ----------- Este programa usa el ancho de banda sin decirte que lo va hacer, solo se prende y empieza a subir datos. Será legítimo el distribuidor de este software pero no el uso sin consentimiento de MI ancho de banda.
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upset gamer
Picked up DDO and picked up this POS unknowingly, my internet upload usage went from less than 100mb a day; to between 2-4gb on a daily basis, which resulted in a consumption of over half of my monthly internet usage... Also caused me a number of online games to lock up/terminate such as League of Legends and anything via Steam, also video streaming was heavily impacted. Removing is highly recommended.
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I Download Slow :3
it has his peaks and its leaks. one download will be doing 2MB per sec and other times 200KB per sec -.- whats up with that picture
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Jonathan R
Terrible. It constantly crashes, uses up system resources, and is used by nearly every game I enjoy playing online. If that wasn't enough, it also re-installs itself frequently, without any request to do so, and without any other process requesting it. I'd recommend simply choosing a different game than installing this garbageware.
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Uses bandwidth when it shouldn't, probably came with League of Legends. Malwarebytes blocks this which should give a good indication that it's malware.
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Some Dude in Tech
Its just a P2P distribution platform for games. It is what it is if you don't want to upload the content you just downloaded to others downloading the game so be it. it is not there to screw you over though you probably wouldn;t have whatever game you downloaded without it.
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You don't get "infected" by this. You choose to install it, and in several of the games people mention here, it's right there explicit in the terms of agreement or the end user license agreement. What it does is allow you to download the game in several pieces from other users who also use PMB and have said game, both during installation and updating. On games that require it, you can terminate the process and uninstall it, but when next you update, you WILL need it and it WILL have to be active. It's no more malware than bittorrent, and it greatly eases software distribution for gaming companies, allowing you to get pieces of the game from users that already have such pieces and then allowing more uses to get those pieces from you once you have them. Nothing is hidden here, everything is quite simple an plain to see. If you want to complain about anything, complain about gaming companies who use this, not about the program, it actually is not only safe and legitimate, but also very much widespread on free-to-play games. And just to clarify on the "safe", it does not record your browsing history, does not have any history of your actions and doesn't download any piece of software onto your machine that the game you installed doesn't want to. Is it heavy on your CPU and connection? Why yes, of course, the goal of this is to minimize impact on the connection for the company that launched the game and spread that around the users. Does it help several users get the game faster than if it were located in a single server of the company? Yes, yes it does. By far.
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Fire & Ice Custom Computers
PMB.exe is not a virus or malware in its intended purpose - to download large files or stream media. It is just a very poorly written piece of software, that should be removed. It is not dangerous, it is simply a nucience. However, it does qualify by definition as malware based upon its behaviors. The modifying the software on your computer without permission, the usage of resources, running every start up, these are symptoms that represent malware on a system.
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Part of Pando Media Booster. It's a legit program but can give problems after you've installed it due to it's "transparent" design. (IE. It doesn't ask you if it can seed the file it's downloaded after it's done)  More information
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Guy With a PC, AND a brain...
Im laughing reading all these stupid people's banal comments. PMB uses P2P connections to increase the download time of GAMES. It has NO other use except for PMB to collect data on EVERYTHING you do, every connection you make. Once you have this, only a LONG time in the Regeditor and a VERY good uninstaller will get rid of it, but it will STILL download itself again and again, since SOMEWHERE in the EULA you signed for whatever game gave you PMB, you did NOT read, since it specified they could have unlimited access to your connection from the date of signature onwards, with no end in sight. Enjoy removing this. Once you think you have removed it, wait 2 days and check your processes again. Guess who? PMB sets itself in your Control Panel ffs, they will NEVER allow you to remove their software, and will constantly reinstall it onto your system, since with their onboard keylogger they have any access codes protecting your system, all your passwords AND have already planted a "backdoor" for themselves IN your ethernet protocols. A VERY VERY VERY clever and dangerous program, TBH once you have this badboy on your rig, its best to format the drive, and EVEN that might not remove it, who knows, its next generation "malware".
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Caught this one through World of Tanks. Fortunately I often surveill my computer through ResourceMon and found the traffic spics and 5 billion upload threads. Suddenly things got a lot quicker. Way I see it: this is just a system for content providers to get cheaper delivery - they'll use your connection instead of their own. If you are on a connection with a monthly traffic cap - you're boned. Uninstall and wipe it out.
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Clever behind doors
PMB is a P2P (peer to peer) program used to stream packages "faster". As said earlier only increasing bandwidth will really make downloading/uploading faster. But P2P will make it more stable than a direct stream aka: league of legends servers which will increase/reduce patching speeds accordingly to how many people connects and instead it uses all computers with PMB to patch the same data. so first one finished gets most of the trouble. - can be malicious (though, more likely not as long as pando networks keeps updated). - slows the computer and uses bandwidth without consent. Usually very low rates but can increase over time as computer/programs runs, or/and spike. - can't be shut down if tied to a program -> port/ports you use for other programs (can terminate on windows startup though). - easily deleted - fairly useless at least they should make an UI for it as to enable it's deactivation/activation when needed or with the user's consent.
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