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The PMB.exe process is Pando Media Booster, which is a downloader utility used by games online to download updates directly, rather than from the game company's server. It also enables your computer to get high downloading speed or streaming speed of very large files such as high-quality HDTV video, or giant games. Although the process has CPU issues sometimes, it is safe to users without malicious files. It can be removed through ‘add/remove programs’ in the Control Panel.


PMB.exe is a downloader utility to speed up downloads. It causes no damage to PC performance. But spyware or virus would disguise themselves as it. Thus, make sure always check the location of the file and run anti-virus/malware software to scan and remove problems if there is any.

Users Opinions

Found it today as I was wandering through my computer looking for a reason that my internet was so slow.. turns out this thing was eating 85% of my internet connection uploading my data without my permission. It is now gone and i'm back to normal, suggest you remove it ASAP.
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I installed Lord Of The Rings Online the other day, and PMB is part of that. It appears to be just a patch downloader but once installed is active ALL the time (not just playing the game) using your bandwidth without your permission. - Just what are you using MY bandwidth for? The bandwidth I pay for.
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This is doing something while your not on your computer... It's has upload up to 44Gig in few days... This thing was uploading at 1Mb/s since a while on my machine!!!
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The game Flyff installed this as a part of the game, so i'd say it's safe...
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I'm downloading Combat Arms right now. Before it started downloading, it downloaded PMB and installed it without asking my permission...however, for some reason i'm downloading at over 1mb a second...i usually only download at 200kbps. Weird, I don't know if its a result of this program or not.
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Computer Housecalls
it is a service that is used in a download engine like for lord of the rings online. It will use some of your cpu and memory with some up and down with your isp but it is required for some games. The software is not damaging but it can be removed through add or remove programs. Once done you can if you want perform a tcpip stack repair with winsock for xp.
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I installed WarRock and then noticed an insane amount of lag in another game. I typed netstat and found 20 connections to localhost. THIS IS MALWARE by its very nature; there was no notification of it installing, running, or connecting. It always NOT UNINSTALL!!! Not harmful? I doubt it. Comodo Antivirus recognizes it for what it is: "MALICIOUS."
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Comes with the installer of LotRo. Looks like it'll use half the upload of the internet connection. As they're providing the game for free now, I'm glad to share my bandwidth.
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i downloaded LoL (league of legends) then the next day my world of warcraft account was hacked. Coincidence?
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Saw it running after completing a LOL install (league of legends). Just going to end it, Ill uninstall it if need be but I doubt it will run again since LOL only used it to install... perhaps it will run when I play the game I dont know but PMB.exe isnt spy/malware on any level...its a file distribution network executive file and isnt needed for normal operating procedures in most cases.
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according to pando website it does not harm your computer. Always go to the source!  More information
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Doesn't increase download speeds, or any other time of internet-based activities. It's useless pointless rubbish that's just thrown on your PC without your knowledge. Like a virus, and like a virus it goes bye bye. Downloaded it and it got installed while i was downloading FiestaOnline.
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Dr Obey
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Basically what nugget said. It's used for one download but stays on the computer. I was wondering why my computer was suddenly running so slowly and checked my running processes. PMB was running in about 20 different instances. As soon as I removed it, my computer speed increased dramatically.
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Not an outright virus, but a pretty terrible piece of software that steals your bandwidth and slows your computer down quite badly, at least with mine that is. After installation i noticed a good 15% of my physical memory missing and nearly every program i tried to open stopped responding. Don't install this unless you have a good restore point on your system handy.
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Came with LOTRO. Completely trashed my internet. It was doing 1,000s of connections per minute over 20+ ports. Caused my pings to be 500ms+ and used about 80% of my upload. If you must use this uninstall it afterwords.
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It seems to be used in a bunch of downloader at the moment, but should be uninstaller asap,i didn't notice it until it was too late, but this little bugger used my bandwidth like hell and had me use too much of it for a month, had to pay fuckin 50$ extra for my internet on that month. (July 2010) Uninstall, it's pretty much useless for your anyday activities and unless you have an unlimited download/upload connection, it'll fuck you up.
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You can access PMB's settings in the control panel. You can select to not run with windows startup and then also shut the service down. Then it won't run until another application calls it to download something.
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I didn't choose to install that shit so that's a malware. I don't care what's that for.
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