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The PMB.exe process is Pando Media Booster, which is a downloader utility used by games online to download updates directly, rather than from the game company's server. It also enables your computer to get high downloading speed or streaming speed of very large files such as high-quality HDTV video, or giant games. Although the process has CPU issues sometimes, it is safe to users without malicious files. It can be removed through ‘add/remove programs’ in the Control Panel.


PMB.exe is a downloader utility to speed up downloads. It causes no damage to PC performance. But spyware or virus would disguise themselves as it. Thus, make sure always check the location of the file and run anti-virus/malware software to scan and remove problems if there is any.

Users Opinions

There is no good reason this wants admin rights to your system. If it were only to download and upload game data, it wouldn't need them. So there is a good reason to assume it is doing something else, less legitimate on your system.
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I bought a ATI sapphire 5970 graphics card. Part of that I got LOTRO (Lord of the Rings online).Said 5 hours to download. My average download speed 900KB/sec (Australia). With PMB.exe it raped 400KB/sec from me. I left this running and went to bed, wake up to see my ADSL+2 lights going nuts...Now I have to wait till my ISP updates my data usage for today. PMB.exe is a nasty MALWARE program that steals your bandwith without your permission.
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It slows down your internet, have to fix the registry immediately after using the product to download a game. It's a curse, avoid at all costs.
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This is indeed most likely from Pando. While many companies do use it to transfer data, and it won't intently do malicious things to your computer, it can have some negative side effects as mentioned. Can take up unnecessary resources and bandwidth. Just disable it in startups or uninstall it and it shouldn't be an issue
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Matthew Cash
It was chewing up my uplink, bringing my connection down from 3 mbps to sub-56k speeds. If they had an option to throttle the upload, i would't see any issues, otherwise I would recommend killing it.
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It comes with LOTRO. It will spam the fuck out of your network. It will make you unable to do anything that requires low latency, such as gaming. Uninstall as fast as possible.
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This is junk. It's a poorly implemented torrent like protocol which will use you computer as much as possible to service the company behind the software. Get rid of it as soon as your Lotro download is finished. Thanks to "Pando Media Booster" for screwing our connections.
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Just downloaded the Lord of the ring installer and it came with that. After the installation, my computer kept reading hard disk, it never happened before, so I brought up the task manager and there it is, the PMB.exe was consuming my CPU and memory. I decided to delete the process, and then everything goes fine as usual. BTW I hate those software install automatically without acknowledging me.
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I downloaded AsdaStory and got this one with it, it does nothing now but does idle on the background. Annoying, going to uninstall it.
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pmb guy
i was using limewire to download stuff, and then my internet just stopped working. this unfamilar process PMB.exe was running and eating RAM. i have kaspersky and it hasnt detected anything so i doubt it is malicious, just a useless program that might arise while downloading stuff. End process, scan ur computer and you should be fine.
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It stopped Malwarebytes from updating! After I uninstalled it Malwarebytes downloaded updates no problem. PMB.exe is supposed to increase download speeds through "Cloud Computing". BS! As another poster said you'd have to upgrade your bandwidth with your ISP!!!
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They (their website) brag about it being UI-less and hidden. Ya, cause that's exactly something I want on my machine. Something that runs on startup, uses bandwidth and skyrockets my latency without reporting to me what it's doing. Thanks for making my online gaming unplayable the last week. Retards.
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Dr Dildo
MALWARE !!! Pissed me off !!!
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installs without warning, and dramatically cuts your DL speed. went from 450 kb/s to 50 kb/s on a download thanks to this lovely piece of mailware. basically rubbish.
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I've also downloaded DDO, and then i didn't know why my net was 0.3 megabit ( i could check it when it finally loaded speedtest after 4-5 mins ) instead of 5 megabit. Ofcourse this was the cause. UNINSTALL IT. FAST
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"Appears to use bittorrent like technology." Why the hell didn't the LotRO setup warn me that it'll install such a thing? Hell, it bugged me all evening that my internet connection was so slow. I couldn't play any online games at all until i noticed the new process in taskmgr. At least it's easy to get rid of.
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MALWARE!!! PLAIN & SIMPLE... IF YOU HAVE IT, GET RID OF IT. Adds products to the system registry, communicates with other computer systems using HTTP protocols Creates a TCP port which listens and is available for communication initiated by other computers This process creates other processes on the disk, executes a process that sends MIME Email,registers a Dynamic Link Library File. Eats up tons of CPU resources thus causing system crashes and browser freeze.
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I mustve picked it up when downloading shot online (gold game). Like some1 above said.. its on the add/remove programs. Uninstalled and it disappeared from my process list.
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that explains my connections....
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Trojan, malware. Get rid of it. Takes up lots of bandwidth which causes lag in online activities (games, VOIP, and downloads overall). Some people claim it will 'increase your downlaod speed'. This is false. Nothing will increase your bandwidth other than upgrading your internet.
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