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PSIService.exe is a process that belongs to Protexis Licensing service which provides copy protection and license management function. Protexis is a third-party technology partner that Corel has engaged to provide product licensing protection. Thus, this process is usually installed by other software that needs this to provide copy protection, trial downloads and even product registration for its users. This process is also used by the Protexis system for Corel products, controlling the time out period of the trial and other license management issues. The process won't connects to Internet unless it is activated, and it is usually located in the 'C:\WINDOWS\system32\' folder and has a size of 174656 bytes.


PSIservice.exe is not a critical component. It is also recommended that it should not be removed as it may be used by both Corel and non-Corel softwares for license management. If it is removed/disabled, it may cause software to stop working.

Users Opinions

If this process cripples your computer, you need to do two things and fast. 1. Buy a new comptuter, the one you are using from 1996 is slower then a refabed Commodore 64 used in retail. 2. Go see a Psychiatrist. You are paranoid. This isn\'t \"spy ware\". The government and Coral could give three shits about you. You had to \"google\" and look up what this was, so you are an idiot and worthless to them. They don\'t care about you. Get over yourself. Your phone turned off in your pocket is more of a spy than this program could ever hope to be.
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Read a lot of opinions saying \"eat ram\" \"bloated the system\" and so on... I\'m not even gonna get into the \"spyware/rootkit\" argument, but I wanna lay this out there. If a service that \"eats\" 0.5MB of your ram is causing you trouble, or bloating your system, maybe you should upgrade your system before trying to run any software of the Corel Suite. And to answer some guy\'s question \"if it\'s not spyware, why is not deleted when you uninstall Corel?\" FIRST \"why is not deleted\" is grammatically incorrect. SECOND because it also controls the trial validation period. if it didn\'t stay there you could just uninstall the trial version and reinstall it an run it without activating for ever. I rest my case your honor.
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I Dont´t want to install any corel software because this service.
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Correl spy. Doesn't do much, but removing it, will render your program useless.
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If the potential buyer knew that a rootkit, a call home feature and spider ran constantly (which eat ram and bloated the system) no one would buy the product. I know I would not, I purchased this product after comparing what it could do compared to others on the market and no where did anyone tell me I was paying for the right to intall spyware and would be forced to allow the program to phone home all the time and subject my computer to hackers with a #$!##$ rootkit. NO PROGRAM is worth the violation of my privacy!
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Installed with Corel, Fucks Legit Users, Eats Memory. Had to kill with cmd and remove .dlls seperately after uninstalling the trial. Essentially a rootkit.
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TiredOfStupid PeopleActinhLikeTheyKnowWhatTheyreTa
Actually, the most amusing part of this is that I don't own any program (or shared progam-base) by Corel... And STILL have this program. Perhaps you people should think, read and research before speaking... I think a 'STFU' is in order, ja?
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Stopped the service, Corel PSP X won't start. At least in my case, it doesn't suck any processor time.
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PSIService is part of Protexis copy protection DRM (digital rights management) and license management software, which intends to protect a software or application from piracy and illegal copying. Thus PSI service is normally installed by another program, such as Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2, Corel Paint Shop Pro XI (X1), Corel Paint Shop Pro X, that uses its service to gather licensing information to send home much like spyware, ensure copy protection and authenticate user that uses genuine version of the program.  More information
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Appears to installed with Act! 2010 as well. Uninstalled ACT and the service went away.
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It's a shame that companies treat their customers like criminals and cripple their computers with these resource hogging services. I gave it a neutral rating because it really isn't a virus or a trojan, but since it calls the mothership (Corel/Protexis), it's technically spyware. There's an open source program called GIMP that can do everything PSP does and it doesn't bundle in all of this DRM crap.
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i'm running a quad core x940 phenom, this is using all available of 1 core....i uninstalled corel [came with motherboard] and this iswqwhen it starts running....seems to belooking for corel!!!!! deleted!
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If it does not provide a function useful to you the user it should not be there. My PSP X2 12.5 runs without it.
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If you don't want the Protexis service running, then just open the Services control panel and set it to 'Disabled' - done. Then if you ever do need it, in order to run a program, just open Services and 'Start' it manually. Really not a big deal.
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received the following information from Protexis, who owns this program, which is used to verify that there is a legitimate software license. I am running the latest Corel Paint Shop Pro. ====================================================== Thanks for contacting Protexis Support, You\'re correct; Protexis provides licensing services for Corel. A license check is performed each time you start your Corel product to verify a valid license is present on your machine. Please let me know if you have any further questions. Best regards, ___________________________________ Pat Macleod > Customer Support Protexis Inc.  More information
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A lot of talk saying nothing. Looks like Corel and other software needs/installs it, but does not uninstall it because another program might be using it. Too much CPU overhead, so if you don\'t need it ... kill it.
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Safe according to WinPatrol.  More information
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Corel Paintshop Pro Photo X2 will not run if you have Norton 360, V3.0 installed. The program freezes your computer and has to be killed using ctl/alt/delete.
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If it is not spyware, why is not deleted when you uninstall Corel?
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jason humphrey
I don\'t know mean it
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