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Flie Name: Printkey2000.exe Product:
Author: Fred\'s Software Security Rating:

The Printkey2000.exe process is an executable file of the PrintKey, which is an add-on for the operating system that provides users with the capability of taking a snapshot of an application window, a dialogue box, the screen, or any part of it just by pressing a key labeled Print Screen on the keyboard. 


The Printkey2000.exe process is not an essential file to the computer system performance. We recommend you do not terminate it unless it is causing problems.

Users Opinions

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This is an excellent screen capture program with huge flexibility to adjust the captured image. It required zero CPU time except when capturing the screen and then only for a second or two
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The WMDM PMSP service stands for Windows Media Device Manage Pre-Message Security Protocol and is a Windows Media Format SDK feature. An earlier version of Windows Media Player, version 7 to be exact, installed this to be compliant with the secure digital music initiative (SDMI). This is a digital rights management (DRM) system that never made it, and thankfully so. This service is not used in the playback of such secure media types though, and rather is used in the packaging of a music file with the DRM abilities of the SDMI. In more normal terms this service is used in making encrypted multimedia files so you can only play the multimedia files under the conditions of the provider. This is accomplished by programs only allowing to play, or only knowing how to encrypt the file for playback, if they follow the specifications of the initiative This service can be safely disabled since you most likely don't have any SDMI enabled multimedia files. However, there is no reason to set this to disabled over manual since it only activates when required. Upgrading to the newest version of Windows Media Player gets rid of this service.
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