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The RapportService.exe process is a part of Rapport Service from Trusteer Ltd. It is for safty on banking by showing a tag in your browser to indicate whether the site is "secure" or not. It won't hijack your private information, and it is supposed to use CPU 0.28% average.


The RapportService.exe process is not a system critical process. But it is required by third-party software and should not disabled.

Users Opinions

I believe this is valuable software but it appears to consume massive amounts of internet connection and disk usage when you turn on your computer. I think it makes my computer virtually non-functional for the first 15-20 minutes after I start my computer. Maybe determining if a site is secure is extremely complicated but I suspect the software is doing a lot more. I believe it downloads updated virus definitions or other information and then does a disk scan every time you turn on your computer. I has been on both my work and home computer for years and it makes my work computer virtually non-functional for 15-20 minutes. I don\'t restart my home computer very often but I restart my work computer every day. I just turned the Raport process off in msconfig on my work computer as I only access my bank account from work a few times a year. This seems to result in a significant improvement in computer functionality immediately after start up. On the bright side I have not had any virus problems since installing Raport and this may be a contributing factor. Boot your computer and then start Task Manager and then start Resource Monitor (from task manager) and observe the massive disk and internet resources Raport uses.
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Andrew Paterson
This program eats memory for fun. Decided to uninstall. Banks need to recommend something that doesn\'t abuse your PC\'s resources.
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Peter King
Keep disabled and just enable when required to do so by your bankers etc.
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Ander LG
Aplicación para crear un canal seguro encriptado entre la comunicación de tu ordenador con las páginas web que tú decidas. Muy recomendable
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interferes with several websites (yahoo for one). significant use of processor without any reason. disabled it except for using online banking
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Memory hog
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Rapport is burning up almost the whole of one core of my machine (45-50% of total) and locks Firefox for over a minute when I log in to a website that uses it. It was fine until a few weeks ago, but is now of questionable value. Does anyone know what\'s changed?
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No se que hace, pero el Banco me obliga a usarlo y esta en todo momento ocupando espacio
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Mark Reynolds
This is provided by a few banks in the UK to improve security on certain websites.  More information
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I downloaded this on advice / requirement of my bank. With Firefox with many tabs open, the Rapport process hogs Firefox in the 50% CPU on my machine for many minutes upon accessing morning (after the computer has been in wait mode overnight). It also seems to interfere with my Yahoo! login. I\'ve decided to turn it off for most of the time. From the Windows Start menu choose Trusteer Rapport - Rapport Console and choose \"stop\" (and enter the captcha code).
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Have installed on two machines, no problems, looks like a good layer of security against keylogging
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Brian Grove
total resource hog and windows denies access when I try to shut it down. What kind of security company steals control of my computer from me?
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Patrick Jean-Philippe
Rapport software is from the Trusteer company which is a IT security firm.  More information
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Jeff H
Absolutely trustworthy Trusteer's Rapport stops attacks by malware and keyloggers. Should work fine. If anyone is having problems [kat fellows] you should see Rapport in Control panel add and remove programmes, but you may need to deactivate before trying to remove it. AND I then suggest you run an anti malware programme to scan your machine.  More information
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Jeff H
re my last if anyone is having problems you should see a grey or green icon to right of address bar with left pointing arrow [colour depends if in active mode or not] click on the icon then open console, then look at help & support report a problem or FAQ's if icon is not there you'll have to contact them direct  More information
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C Hindle
Part of the Rapport online security application. Endorsed by Natwest bank PLC
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no user
security feature
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Jeff D
ID Theft and Fraud Prevention - Generally used in conjunction with Online banking and securing login sessions.
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Frazer Hyde
Used by On-line banks to verify website security  More information
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Do not have any issues with this application. Gives extra protection when using on-line banking.
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