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The TeaTimer.exe process is a part of Spybot Search and Destroys resident protection which prevents unauthorized system changes. It is a tool of Spybot-S&D which perpetually helps scan and monitor processes in real time and immediately detects known malicious processes. Then it gives you options to start or terminate it.


The TeaTimer.exe process is not a critical component. But it is important for the stable and secure running of your computer. It is not recommended to be terminated.

Some malware disguise themselves as the TeaTimer.exe, particularly if they are located in c:\windows or c:\windows\system32 folder. Thus, please make sure always check the program location and the TeaTimer.exe process on your pc to see whether it is pest.

Users Opinions

Once i had it taking over 200,000 Kbs, since that moment i turn it off when i play games that require high PC Performance, otherwise its very trustworthy, and its an add on from Spybot, if you play games then disable it and enable it when you dont its very useful against viruses/malwares and etc...
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89,084 KB at the moment - this is unusual but annoying
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Running 87,708KB on my OS. I did a new install. I don\'t believe it ran this much on my previous install. Hmmm
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A strong recommendation for a freeware security program. I\'d like to get some outside input on how Tea Timer is using up system memory. It\'s running 86,740KB on my PC.How about you guys?
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tea timer is my regesty protecter I use it all the time
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It comes with Spybot - can be annoying when performing tasks such as add/remove software and it will ask you several questions, but better safe then sorry! Definitely nothing to worry about when you have TeaTimer running.
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no user
comes with spybot. this program helped me block a shitload of viruses. theres no doubr in hell that this is safe.
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This is the resident shield piece of SpyBot which is a very good piece of spyware stopping software. been using this or several years and blessed the maker many times  More information
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I\'ve been using this program of Spybot\'s and I really like it. It gives me the choice to let an intruder in or deny it.
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Spybot\'s realtime system settings protection
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