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The TrustedInstaller.exe process is a part of the Windows Modules Installer for Microsoft Windows Operating System. It is responsible for the management of Windows updates.


The TrustedInstaller.exe process is not an essential file to the computer system. Disabling it or enabling it depends on whether you use Windows Modules Installer or not.  

Users Opinions

It is a back door and i was finding it difficult to get rid of until i found a neat app called \"take ownership\" got rid of it straight away.
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Windows Installer
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make sure the update is off, never update, turn off also the check for important updates In processor I notice it constantly sends signals otherwise, CPU is on constantly. Just use a good non MS firewall like PrivateFirwall .
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Integral part of Windows. If you don\'t trust it, use Linux instead. Calling it untrustworthy because you didn\'t do the research isn\'t helpful to others.
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Denny Niemann?
Bietet Windows Schutz. zuständig für Windows Updates und Login überwachung  More information
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i think it has to do with the winsxs backdoor after looking around on my computer. im no expert but this obviously looks like its dangerous.
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TrustedInstaller is used by a service called “Windows Module Installer” which is used to install Windows 7 system modules. The system modules include Windows Update and Automatic Updates which automatically scans your system to check for any new updates and hotfixes available. So when scheduled Windows Update is performing its update scan or check on your system, the TrustedInstaller.exe process increases the CPU usage.
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Fernando La Rosa
In my case I do not from where ended up in my laptop. I don\'t know how to get rid off. Any help? Thanks f
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Pretty sure this was just used to backdoor me with one of the Security Malware viruses.
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I takes a lot of cpu and ram. I hear from microsoft, it is a service which takes care of looking for updates for your computer. Only if you are running windows vista or windows 7, it is trustworthy...
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bullcrap! it opens internet under trusted installer username and has its own user. it took ownership of my computer. This looks like a backdoor to me.
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This Service is from Microsoft and is safe.
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