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Flie Name: YahooMessenger.exe Product:
Author: Yahoo! Inc. Security Rating:

The YahooMessenger.exe process is the main executable file of Yahoo! Messenger, which is an online instant messenging program with more user-frindely features of LAUNCHcast radio, Yahoo! Weather, Yahoo! Games and so on. With this program, you can send and receive messages online at any time from your contacts.


The YahooMessenger.exe process is a non-essential file for the system performance. Disabling it or enabling it is down to user's preferences. If you use Yahoo! Messenger, you should not diable it. Disabling it will cause this instant messenging program to stop working.

Users Opinions

yahoomessenger.exe is the executable for Yahoo! Messenger, a free instant messenging software from Yahoo! Inc.. It allows you to send and recieve messages from online contacts. Other features include LAUNCHcast radio, Yahoo! Weather and Yahoo! Games. Disabling or enabling it is down to user preference.
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