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Flie Name: a2adguard.exe Product:
Author: Emsisoft Security Rating:

The a2adguard.exe process is a main part of the a-squared Anti-Dialer from Emsisoft, which is designed to protect your PC with A-squared Anti-Dialer from manipulated dial up connections that may cause a phone bill of several hundred dollars quickly.


The a2adguard.exe process is not an essential file to the computer system performance. Disabling it or enabling it depends on whether you use a-squared Anti-Dialer or not. 

Users Opinions

Maetel of La Metalle
Freeware by a-squared SYStray (for user's view) part of the security program "a-squared Anti-Dialer", version 3.5.09. a-squared HomePage: -=- (  More information
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