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Flie Name: aestsrv.exe Product:
Author: Andrea Electronics Corporation. Security Rating:

The aestsrv.exe process is a part of the APO Access Service (32-bit) for Andrea filters from company Andrea Electronics Corporation.


The aestsrv.exe process is not an essential file to the computer system performance. Disabling it or enabling it depends on whether you need APO Access Service or not. 

Users Opinions

Great explanation. Sadly MS/Windows just doesn't get it as far as actual GUI (lacking hover or right-click info) and/or actual useful Help & Support because they're tunnel visioned on bloatware, profit and greed (my opinion).
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Peter Dekastello
File Name: AEADISRV.EXE Display Name: APO Access Service (32-bit) Description: Andrea filters APO access service (32-bit) Publisher: Andrea Electronics Corporation APO = Audio Processing Object Info from a forum: I suspect that the aeadisrv.exe is running if you add a sound filter to your microphone. I have \"voice enhancements\" running to eliminate background noise and it\'s caused the process to show up in my system services. Next: I was also suspicious about this process. After inquiry I concluded that this process is associated with Sound MAX drivers installed on my computer. This process is used to filter out noise in MIC.  More information
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Filter für Mikrofon - Teil des Sound-Max Treibers
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