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The ekrn.exe is not a Windows system file, but is a process which belongs to the software ESET NOD32 Antivirus and the ESET Smart Security Suite Kernel Service. It runs as a service and is the central component for both the NOD32 antivirus and Smart Security suite. Whenever you open, save, update or download a file, Ekrn.exe will help you to scan those files. It locates in a subfolder of "C:\Program Files". The most common size of the file on Windows XP is 224 bytes. You may also find it in 472,320 and 455,936 bytes.


ekrn.exe should not be disabled, required for essential applications to work properly. It is highly recommended that the ekrn.exe file shouldn't be stopped. It is required for essential applications to work smoothly.

Users Opinions

my server afficet to eset antivirus, i dont know how to clear that any budy help me to clear that......
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It uses 172Mb on my new XP netbook.
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Mike Miller
This is a nasty CPU Hog on startup. INSTALL LINUX and forget about anti-virus software.  More information
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Michele Rossi
ESET NOD32 Antivirus  More information
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Best AV imo. To those of you who thinks it eats up too much cpu power, try the following: Change the "autoupdate every hour" to every 3rd/5th hour (or update manually) Disable the "startup file check" Uncheck "Advanced heuristics" in Realtime-scanner options. If that fails to help, then you have to reinstall your computer.
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May be good but it uses ALL my cpu power. WTF? ekrn.exe has turned my pc dead (and not only at starup) The nice part is that i have payed it for 2 years.
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One of the best Anti virus programmes
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had the problem of slow start due to ekrn loading during startup and edited the startup of other programs(IMs and Office related quickstarts..) put a delay on these processes for 5 seconds and you will see a more fluid startup. or you can choose to load these programs as you use them rather than having memory hogged by usless programs
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when i start computer then ekrn.exe going in cpu to 100% and want crash my computer (i have 8 cpu's) ram take's 50mb
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I've just got problem with this process...it really make my cpu to lag for ten minutes... how could an AV with ads like "fastest and lowest resource consumption" make cpu this slow.. i really prefer other AV than this one..but not norton..that one is slow too..
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Kaspersky is better in every way, other than that it's a fine AV. Much better than the standard crap that comes with pc's normally... Mcaffee Norton and other true resource hogs. Kaspersky still uses far less resources with increased protection.
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SOLUTION: To fix CPU usage problem, go to NOD32 advanced setup in “Real time file system protection” then “Advanced setup, in “Additional threat sense parameter for newly created and modified file" clear the check-box "Advanced heuristics". This helped me significantly.
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This is ridiculous, i've read dang near every comment and no one explains how 2 fix the problem. i have over 2 gigs of memory and it still uses all my cpu memory! it works fine on start up or even when i use ie, the problem is when i use java. it crashes like a plane flying through a school of pelicans. somebody please tell me how to stop the ekrn b4 it destroys computers 4ever.
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using 40 megs on a crappy comp at school, i dont like it.
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was great when v3 now v4 slows the computer down to an unusable state when doing it's weekly scheduled scan.
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Uses more RAM than it needs to but a fairly competent antivirus
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If people commenting on ram could state the fsb & ddr/ddr2 etc that would be a great help :)
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I have read a lot of these posts. Think about it if someone is experiencing a problem and takes the time to mention it on this site, whether they are aa jerk or not, or whether you think they are a jerk or not is not the issue. They are reporting a problem that they see. Please do not beat up on them. First of all it is cowerdice and technically stupid. Thanks for those reporting what they see. First I like NOD32. They do have some issues. I have seen many inputs on ekrn.exe. Doesn't sound like one person is having the problem. I detest personal attacks with no foundation. I don't care if the person is "smart" or not. They are having an issue and reporting it. I say thanks to them for reporting what they are see. It makes the product better.
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Been using NOD32 for years and I know how awesome it is, believe me. I run a high end pc (don't tell me to upgrade...) and recently I've noticed that ekrn.exe is using up 50%-100% CPU at random times as reported here. upgraded etc but can't find a way to fix this. ESET NOD32 is still an awesome program in my mind though.
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