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The Svchost.exe process (Generic Host Process for Win32 Services) is an integral part of Windows OS. It cannot be stopped or restarted manually. This process manages system services that run from dynamic link libraries (files with extension .dll). Examples for such system services are: "Automatic Updates", "Windows Firewall", "Plug and Play", "Fax Service", "Windows Themes" and many more.

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Because the svchost.exe process is used as a common system process, some malware often uses a process name of "svchost.exe" to disguise itself. Determining the image path of a process, and its invoking command line, can help identify software masquerading in this way, and help locate the actual program file which is running under the assumed process name of "svchost.exe" (MS Windows allows multiple processes to all display the same name). Some malware inject a .dll file into the authentic svchost process, for example Win32/Conficker worm.


It is not recommended to stop or remove the svchost.exe process. If the process svchost.exe uses high cpu resources, it is mostly because the service "Automatic Updates" is downloading some new Windows update. But having a 99% or 100% cpu usage could be caused by downloads due of some hidden malware on your computer. Some malware like the Conficker worm changes the Windows Registry so that svchost loads the malware .dll file. In this case you only see the authentic svchost.exe process in the task manager! Use malware removers to remove this immediately.

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Perchè ne esistono in esecuzione cosi' tanti?
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Realentiza la computadora en general. Cuando lo termino la computadora se percibe más rapida. El antivirus no detecta virus ni malware o spyware
popularity 0 negativ 6 report Report Abuse
OK, I have 11 of these things running. I can't believe that is necessary.
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i have like seven of them it takes over 25 of my memory even thought i have 4,2ram
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uses LOTS of memory... ANYTIME my pc is acting crappy, 1 or more svchhost.exe processes is ALWAYS consuming the highest CPU/Peak Memory Usuage
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Scary since I'm getting winsvr32 errors and Avast just found/blocked a Trojan
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svchost is a generic host process for win32 services. it is safe and necessary. note : press ctrl + alt + del to bring up the task manager(original one) click on the processes tab and find svchost.exe ,the username are normally "SYSTEM","LOCAL SERVICE",and "NETWORK SERVICE". if u find one with "user" on it's username then u might be in trouble.
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3 of svchost.exe seems to be the least number need to run. been able to cut down from initial (after start) 8, by cleaning out and disabling some services i don't need, manually. one runs some udp connection i never use, can kill that using tcpview, always on port 1025, IF you don't use udp. you have to learn about what service does what, it costs some time learning about windows, but you can slim down the ressource usage. on the other hand, there has been some virus around in the wild running up one svchost.exe instance to 100% CPU usage. if so, scan your system.
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I have 7 svchost.exe it takes 32% of my memory !!!!!!
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Windows seems to have a lot of these for some reason
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I have about 9 of these listed and they are all showing red at least 1/4 of the bar. WTF do we do with this, you would think MSoft would have fixed this crap by now. next time, Apple. This sucks, Vista sucks, have had tons of problems with freaken vista.
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it is bad and you need to delete them because they will crash the computer some how. NOW!!!!!!!!!
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Jeremiah 20:11
GENNESSIS, thank you for your knowledgeable and detailed answer. It sounds like you know a thing or two about how Windows works. XERA, thanks for doing the same in Spanish. EYESOPEN, I agree. Just because these are legitimate groups of services doesn't mean that a rogue service, due to a virus or trojan, can't be hiding in there somewhere. I would submit that if one or more of these svchost.exe instances is hogging resources such as memory or processor, it's most likely an infection worth looking into using the information that Gennessis provided.
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3 started as third process according to taskmanager and process manager (Gary Utilities)
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me aparece varias veces ya la reinicie y la verdad a un persiste el programa de verdad necesito elimirar la carpeta y crear una copia de este archivo para evitar los mailware
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reports actions that should be prvt. spyware from bigdawgs
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i have 1 000 000 svchost.exe processes running !! Ho shit... i'm stupid, it's because 1 000 000 processes running....why my computer is so fat ?
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does not delete
popularity 0 negativ 0 report Report Abuse
message d'erreur  More information
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I understand that this is a standard Windows component, but one instance of it is permanently using 98 - 100% CPU. Killing it manually from Task Manager seems to be the only way to get the PC running again. Curiously, this does not happen when I change the user to have Administrator priveleges - then 99% CPU is System Idle (as it should be). But it is too much of a security risk to leave it that way, so I change it back to a Limited user and can't do any work until I kill svchost again. This is all happening in XP Pro, so I can't use Gennessis' suggestion for identifying the offending service. Using "tasklist /SVC" shows the offender as "N/A". Can anybody offer any other suggestions?
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