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The Svchost.exe process (Generic Host Process for Win32 Services) is an integral part of Windows OS. It cannot be stopped or restarted manually. This process manages system services that run from dynamic link libraries (files with extension .dll). Examples for such system services are: "Automatic Updates", "Windows Firewall", "Plug and Play", "Fax Service", "Windows Themes" and many more.

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Because the svchost.exe process is used as a common system process, some malware often uses a process name of "svchost.exe" to disguise itself. Determining the image path of a process, and its invoking command line, can help identify software masquerading in this way, and help locate the actual program file which is running under the assumed process name of "svchost.exe" (MS Windows allows multiple processes to all display the same name). Some malware inject a .dll file into the authentic svchost process, for example Win32/Conficker worm.


It is not recommended to stop or remove the svchost.exe process. If the process svchost.exe uses high cpu resources, it is mostly because the service "Automatic Updates" is downloading some new Windows update. But having a 99% or 100% cpu usage could be caused by downloads due of some hidden malware on your computer. Some malware like the Conficker worm changes the Windows Registry so that svchost loads the malware .dll file. In this case you only see the authentic svchost.exe process in the task manager! Use malware removers to remove this immediately.

Users Opinions

The svchost.exe file is located in the folder C:\\Windows\\System32. In other cases, svchost.exe is a virus, spyware, trojan or worm!
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You can\'t know exactly about svchost but by interrogating Windows itself . Some services launched by Svchost are mandatory. Get the script file and launch it to have more infos : This link is in french (sorry ;-)  More information
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why svhost.exe is not trustworthy?
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Yes it\'s normal, I have 4 running at any one time.
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need help
i have several (5) svchost.exe\'s running in my system.. is this just normal? the 5 processes are running in a range of 4MB to 25MB memory.. please help me here.. tnx!
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svchost.exe is a system process belonging to the Microsoft Windows Operating System which handles processes executed from DLLs. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated.
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Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
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my comp is wiggin
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