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File Name: AEI.exe
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The AEI.exe process is a part of the Spy Sweeper SDK from company Webroot Software, Inc.
The AEI.exe process is not an essential file to the computer system performance. Disabling it or enabling it is down to the user's options. 
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J Westcott
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cannot stop or delete
[email protected]
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I cannot kill this process or remove it off my system no matter how many different programs I use to do this. I doubt if it has anything to do with Webroot security software, even though the path is: C:\Program Files\Webroot\Security\Current\Plugins\Antimalware\AEI.exe . This file takes a life of its own, using 100% of CPU time at various times of the day, even after I tried to uninstall the program several times. Webroot is not much help. I could not find any program uninstallers on their web site.
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Webroot's new anti viruses instant virus protection process meant no harm to computers, but does take up a decent amount of CPU sadly.
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I have to agree. My system was brought to a standstill after the new ver 7. I went back to the previous version.
Stefan M
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i downloaded weebroot yesterday and this came up i think this is normal with no virus. its juest some anti virus stuf, but if you dont have weebroot you mite be at risk.
Bradley Marcoux
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I have tried every way I know of getting this off my computer. Any program I can't control, change or remove is a VIRUS to me.
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This file is part of the new ver 7 Webroot Antivirus w/ SpySweeper. See top of page 2 on the user manual PDF at Webroot Support link below. More information
Michel V
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Aei.exe is for me a dangerous virus. I was able to remove it by using the Safe logon
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I went to Control PAnel and removed webroot software. Fortunately I had loaded the version before this to a folder in my Prams folder and after uninstall and restarting system I ran the earlier .exe and I am back to the previous version. All traces of AEI.exe is gone (system task manager at least doesnt show it and my computer is running as it was before I loaded version 7. Webroot has got to respond to this or it's a new anti-virus program for me when this subscription ends!
Tom K
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This severely slows my system down....Is there no way to get rid of this dog?
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