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Author: Webroot Software, Inc. ( Security Rating:

The AEI.exe process is a part of the Spy Sweeper SDK from company Webroot Software, Inc.


The AEI.exe process is not an essential file to the computer system performance. Disabling it or enabling it is down to the user's options. 

Users Opinions

Ok, found this little bugger on my inlaws pc, and had a heck of a time removing it. Finally opted to do the following: downloaded and ran the application \"ssecleanup\", you\'ll have to google it. restarted machine press f8 repeatedly until I could get \"safe mode\" boot option then once in safe mode did a \"msconfig\" and went under services and disabled all webroot services. Then went into startup and also made sure no webroot stuff in there. restarted machine again. tried to rename webroot directory in c:\\programfiles, but system wouldn\'t let me. restarted in safemode again using f8. renamed folder to webrootgarbage. restarted in safemode yet again using f8. deleted directory c:\\programfiles\\webrootgarbage and waalaaah! It was gone. Hope this helps, and I am sure there is an easier way, but it\'s late and i\'m tired....zzzzzz
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Nick k
I don\'t know what to think about AEI. I need to uninstall webroot because it wasn\'t responding. So furring the uninstalling process I got a lot of error messages. Now I have AEI and a whole bunch of other folders and stuff like that, that wont delete. I tried reinstalling webroot, but it didn\'t work. I need to delete AEI. But I don\'t know how to. Can someone HELP ME PLEASE.
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I don\'t think it\'s dangerous, just a pain in the ass. It defeats the purpose of having a computer if, in order to be safe from threats, your machine doesn\'t run. After reading other comments I just went to open Webroot to see what version I have, it informed me that an error had occurred and closed....not too slick
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Skip Bogard
I just installed Process Lasso because Webroot Antivirus was killing me at times...especially during updates and it\'s decisions to scan. I am very pleased to report that Process Lasso rocks; It whacks the priority of Webroot Antivirus down so that my responsiveness is no longer affected by that pig. Cool user interface too. I have 19 years of experience at IBM with PC\'s...never before have I seen an OS properly handle processor pigs like this little program does. Process Lasso is the ultimate whack-a-mole for Webroot Antivirus process priority.
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Customer brought his computer in for repair that his computer was running slow. This program was completely at fault. When people say it uses 100% CPU they are not kidding. 99-100% use at all times.
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Uses 100% CPU till it knows I'm looking at it in task manager, then it starts going down, like a roach when you turn on a light! Going back to another Company's program.
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Norma Jean
huge problem. It interferes with online tests I take for virtual college. I'm not a programmer, just a midlevel user but this is terrible.
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I dumped Norton 360 and bought Webroot to get rid of Norton's ccsvchst.exe CPU hog of a file, only to find it replaced with an equally offensive file from Webroot. I wasted my money on this program. Very disappointing that they won't, or can't address this issue.
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This software is dangerous. Please don't update to version 7.
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By not being able to end/remove/cancel this program/"service" from my computer when I have administer controls, I consider this to be a virus. The error message "Access denied" appears. So my access to MY computer's software is denied? Unacceptable.
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Dave Smith
Causes CPU to rocket and sound sync to go out on replaying movies from a computer
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Webroot runs fine on my laptop, no dogging and no notice of AEI.exe in the system task manager. HOWEVER, it is a DOG on my desktop. It will not allow me to schedule scans and AEI.exe kills all possibility of working when it runs. 100% of my system? This is nuts. There has GOT to be a way to disable this dog and only run scans when I want to.
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As I logged onto the PC this morning, CPU was pegged with AEI getting 50 to 90 % of the cycles. Called Webroot support and landed in India. After about an hour and 2 people, the call was ended when they wanted to charge me. I have 4 PCs that will soon have webroot removed from them. Its a good product but way to intrusive and capitalizing. Webroot, use USA tech. support!!!
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Webroots spysweeper is basically a virus. I uninstalled the AV suite but AEI stayed along with lots of other Webroots files. I can't stop the service or disable it in any way. So to me, Webroots Spysweeper is a virus.
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if you want to end it start task manager ctrl+alt+del hit show processes from all users and click the process then hit delete and click yes. but it is part of webroot not a virus. for older computors and some new ones this process does slow it down so just kill the process.
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Thank you, Michel V! I read your post and was able to finally remove AEI.exe. I have an IT degree, and still wasn't able to delete the registry keys while logged in as Admin, until using Safe Mode. I will never buy this software. @Commsys and @Joe -- I completely agree.
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This fucking program is absolute bullshit. I HOGS CPU time and buttfucks other programs. I hope I have made myself perfectly clear.
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This is Webroots security's system moniter. "You do not want to turn this off". If you turn this off, you are effectivily stoping webroot from doing its job. If it is using 100% of your system, it is probably trying to work against something malicious from opening or a worm trying to replicate itself inside your computer. You are not able to stop this program because if you could...SO COULD A VIRUS!!....morons. It also could be you have a slow computer, AEI on idle doesnt get past 1% processor usage on my I7 2600k. it uninstalls fine with webroot uninstallation.
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ok, i know this file is safe, but it seriously slows the whole system down. i cant even work anymore
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I just discovered it and finally stopped it by bringing up 'task manager' and ending the process in spite of warnings. I had no idea it was associated with my antivirus program though I did know that Webroot was loading virus definitions at the time. I thought that it, too, was being
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