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Adam Zielinski, get Glarysoft, use the process unit to block the process
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my computer is totally dead after PAYING for AVG - can\'t open, can\'t do anything !
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william williams
1. try to get rid of it even after uninstalling avg. Best bet.... is format your compputer to save time. 2. It sucks resources...Even after avg is deleteed. 3. AVG is and has been the worst of \"virus\" to me. 4. Do a quick search and see how many people are screwed by avg.
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anti-virus program
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AVG Identity protection
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Has many features other software doesn't have.
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Not Me
It is part of AVG and a very important one at that. AVG has options nestled deep in its UI for making it take up fewer resources.
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Part of AVG Security Suite. I've always found this a good program, and until Norton sorted out their problems was one of the less resource hungry antivirus programs.
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Part of AVG antivirus software  More information
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Adam Zielinski
I have unistalled the AVG but this file is still being executed. How to remove it?
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Part of AVG even when you have uninstalled AVG this still takes up allot of activity on your computer. Manually shut it down or use a program to force close it if you no longer use AVG
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safe application Digitally Signed from Safe Security Vendor AVG
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avg component
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Do not have AVG as anti virus so why is it here?
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Peter Merrick
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So far so good My friend uses for everything.. Still new.. Will see
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Part OF AVG free ID security
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Stathis Smart
Well dudes ... i think i have the best answer for you in order to see by your self (with no risk) if this AVGIDSAgent.exe is part of real AVG or not... [without to download any crap that the most -pay- site tell you to try... they first try to say its free ... then your run their program and the says : Register... Dear God..!!!] -- the main point is to open your Task Manager then go to File then New Task (run) and open it In there type mscofig and hit enter A new window comes up named System Configuration Go to Services window Unchech the AVGIDSAgent Then go to Start Up Window ... if you see it in there too ... Uncheck it too! So hit enter ... All you do is to make your Pc to start (when you reboot it - anytime you like-) without the AVGIDSAgent .... So go restart your PC When windows open go again to Task Manager If you NOT see the AVGIDSAgent ... it was an OK program from AVG If you still see it ... then call an expert ... because its Virus named AVGIDSAgent or it has change the real (innocent) file AVGIDSAgent to virus!!! ***If you do all that and you don't see the AVGIDSAgent in task manager , and you do have AVG on , then the AVG will ask you (by it self) to restart it (if you like) ------------------------------------------------- Another Way (SHORTER) is (if you have AVG) open your AVG program and go to Identity Protection (go in there) if protection is Active - Detective! If you go again to your Task Manager and AVGIDSAgent is still ON ... Then call an expert That means that the AVGIDSAgent that still ON is not from AVG ,, but from VIRUS... Thank You ... I hope you get a solution Smart Stathis
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Part of Virgin media security supplied free as part of their Virgin media broadband package
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