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The AppleMobileDeviceHelper.exe process is a file installed alongside iTunes for iPhone. It is used to sync up the iPhone with iTunes loaded files. 


The AppleMobileDeviceHelper.exe process is not an essential file to the system performance. But we recommend you do not terminate it when you using iPhone. 

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Paola Gariggio
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Needed For Apple Appliances _ATEAM_
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AppleMobileDeviceHelper.exe is a program which could have been installed by you, or may have even arrived on your computer the day you purchased it as this may have been preinstalled software. The actual disk location is also listed below, always verify where its located on your hard drive, as this makes sure it is not spyware or adware simply placed elsewhere on your computer, and using the same name in an attempt to fool you. This AppleMobileDeviceHelper.exe file is installed along with ITunes latest version, and it will be a running process in your tasklist if you are using IPhone (Its for the IPhone, however you will find it in your tasklist just from installing ITunes). Since ITunes is used to sync the Iphone or load files on to it, ITunes is the install that has activated this process and its purpose is to sync up with your IPhone. This is not considered malware or spyware and is considered a safe file.  More information
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