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The FNPLicensingService.exe is a processfile from company Macrovision Europe Ltd. belonging to product FLEXnet Publisher (32 bit). It is installed with Adobe Acrobat. It is a licensing utility that Adobe uses for the Acrobat software.


The FNPLicensingService.exe process is required for Adobe Acrobat 8. It is required for smmoth running of Adobe Acrobat and should not disabled.

Users Opinions

This is also used to authenticate Tableau Server.
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Dislikes Adobe
Adobe spyware. It will not hurt you unless you have unauthorized copies of Adobe software on your system, but it will continue to re-install itself without notifying you, and it does take up system resources. In short, it runs in the background 24/7 and provides you with no benefit. Disable it.
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Die Datei gehört zu Photoshop Elements 6.0. Deaktiviere ich den Prozess, funktioniert Photoshop nicht mehr. Das Programm startet zwar, gibt aber eine Fehlermeldung aus, das die Lizenzierung nicht geprüft werden konnte und Photoshop schließt automatisch.
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It is an application, certainly reliable, introduced with Adobe Acrobat version 9. It validates the originality of the program. Apart from that I have personally seen computer with pirated copies of Acrobat as the application FNPLicensingService.exe didn't notice anything and runnig normally. But what puzzles me is that this process reinstall itself and if you can lock it your copy of Acrobat does not work anymore. This don't seem me right especially for a program that costs several hundred dollars: Adobe organize himeself his own against piracy not at the expense of speedly of my computer!
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I would assume that adobe encrypts their product. If you want to get into the philosophical implications than thats another topic. As far as abuse of processer time; completely Retarded! =o If every company decided that it was a good idea; we would all need faster computers! Sounds like a win/win to me.. at my expense.
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Robin Stone
Used to verify program authenticity by Adobe. Installing programs like this, without the users consent, should be illegal. See link for more info.  More information
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Just disable this .exe Start>Run: msconfig Under Services tab you will see FLEXNetLicensing, uncheck and reboot.
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that slowdown my PC
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I agree that it may not be \"dangerous\" but it is wrong for any company to slow down your PC simply because others have misused the product. Besides, a program that reinstalls itself without approval of any kind, sounds like spyware to me.....
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Its a adobe process its fine, just set the process to manual so it doesn\'t take up mem.
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Why oh why do Adobe use so much garbage to make you think yu need it all just to run acrobat and photoshop? 24-7 is just abuse.
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Adobe abusing its customers. Useless service, might be needed for Acrobat, but shouldn\'t reinstall itself and shouldn\'t be running 24/7.
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This Macrovision\'s licensing product might be a pain in the a*s, but I don\'t think it is dengerous.  More information
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Karsten Petersen
Adobe Don\'t make dangerous services.
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FLEXnet Publisher Maximize Revenues with Flexible and Secure Licensing Options FLEXnet Publisher Licensing Module delivers flexible licensing options with advanced security technologies to help companies increase product revenues and ensure software protection.  More information
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