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File Name: GoogleUpdate.exe
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The googleupdate.exe process belongs to the Google Updater program, which is responsible for downloading and installing software in the Google pack. It can also be used to monitor the software installations or uninstall software. In the system tray there will be an icon for Google Updater, which displays notifications when there is new software available.
The googleupdate.exe is not a system critical file. It is a user invoked program and a normal part of PC operations. You can just leave it.
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Part of the new Google Chrome browser system. Updates usage/error information with Google servers.
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hmm, I don't actually have Chrome installed, though.
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Its a google updating software, its on your computer if you have google chrome, or google earth, or other products from google, it trys to keep them up to date.
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It's really from Google. So leave it.
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This is not what you might like. This is the Google Toolbar Updater and unlike some, I don't like ANYONE tracking cookies and installing something without my explicit approval. When this came out it insinuated itself in my startup programs and has been re-adding itself regularly. I have had to kill it in the registry at least on a monthly basis. If you are willing to let the largest search engine and therefore the largest target have information contained on your system by all means leave it alone.
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I agree with bdaniel - I explicitly opted NOT to install this spyware, and also have to regularly remove it from MY registry - Anything that 'secretly' adds itself as a startup process and proceeds to send 'any' information to an 'unknown' entity is spyware by definition - I hate google for doing this. I remember when they were small fish and most definitely against these kind of marketing tactics - do they really have to be this unbelievably greedy!
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Google Updater is made by google, it's trustworthy.
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Uses up a lot of Ram .
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"m" is right, it uses a lot of memory. I don't get it, when i turn it off in process manager, it reactivates itself. It behaves like a virus. I will try to find a way to shut it down permanently. I hate this kind of programms.
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i have uninstalled this program and blocked it, yet it comes back... not liking it
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