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File Name: Mcshield.exe
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The Mcshield.exe process belongs to the McAfee On-Access Antivirus Scanner from Network Associates, Inc. It monitors running processes, files and registries to protect your computer against virus infection.
The Mcshield.exe process is a non-essential file for the system performance. It is not recommended to be disabled or terminated. Terminating it will cause McAfee On-Access Antivirus Scanner to stop working properly.
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This file is required by McAfee to run live, real time AV shiedling - as opposed to running periodic or scheduled manually. TuneUp Utilities 2004 tags mcshield.exe as the only file - on a brand new high-end XP box - which uses unusually high resources.
Aaron Hansen
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Uses lots of CPU resources. Nearly 10% of a 3.0 Ghz dual core processor
Independent Observer
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it use high memory as opposed to CPU. On a system that has 1GB RAM, it uses somewhere around 150MB.
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McAfee On-Access Antivirus Scanner from Network Associates, Inc. More information
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One of the necessities when you own a PC. That's why I'm buying all Macs from now on...
computer genious
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McAfee on-access scanner. This process makes it easier to scan your system while sometimes automatically detected viruses and scanning processes. IT can be faked or tampered with by viruses. If you did not install McAfee and you have this process you may be in trouble. If you did install, but it's using high cpu it may be auto scanning your computer. More information
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The current version is on my system (McAfee Internet Security 2010). There are some known problems with high cpu use especially on XP systems. It is otherwise a safe process provided its location is the corect one (on XP the path is C:\Program Files\Common Files\McAfee\SystemCore\).
Dave jackson
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Excellent security
M. Azzouz System Engineer, Mac Afee Expert.
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Mac Afee VirusScan Enterprise This is the McShield On Access Scanner Service More information
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