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File Name: PnkBstrA.exe
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The PnkBstrA.exe is a process from online games that you play. It can be also installed with many different games such as Battlefield 2142 and America's Army and so on. The process runs in the background and keeps cheaters and hackers from running games. Most games require you to have it to verify that you are not a cheater or hacker. The life location is on your hard drive at C:\windows\system32\pnkbstra.exe. This is not considered malware or spyware and is considered a safe file.
PnkBstrA.exe is normally a legit file. However, it can also cause problems. Make sure always check the location of the file if you are concerned, and it is better if you often run anti-virus/malware software to scan and remove problems if there is any.
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Americas army punkbuster stuff
Nathanial No-one
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It is a utility that the game Battlefield 2142 uses
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Also, Punkbuster (anti-cheat program) used for Battlefield 2.
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Always loads, doesnt need to
Stuart Lynch
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If you plan on playing a game that uses Punkbuster. You should let it run. Otherwise you risk having the 'Punkbuster' sign come up mid game and you'll likely be kicked.
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essential for newer generation of online gaming (anti-cheat-programm),blocking it will prevent player from entering servers
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Its needed for a PB game. You could go into services.msc and set it to dissabled then it wont run at all. When ya play a PB game just re-enable it before your play. Its not anything dangerious. Ive had it on my system now for 6mths or more and have no issues. If ya system is lagging due to RAM usage,, um get more ram :P
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Ok. But is annoying. Check out the site for more info, COD4MW uses it.
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Is a Program needed for interface of internet gaming in Call on Duty (COD)
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PunkBuster application - used to prevent cheating in multiplayer online games.
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