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File Name: PsiService_2.exe
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The PsiService_2.exe is a process belonging to PsiService System Service from Protexis Inc, which gets installed together with Corel products like WinDVD. If you disable the PsiService_2.exe process, Corel products won't run, stating that the program needs to be reinstalled.
The PsiService_2.exe is not a critical component. But it is not recommended to be disabled or removed if you want to run Corel products properly.
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what exactly is this? have no idea and my question would be if is important enough not to delete, where does it come from, thanks in advance
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Some protection service that gets installed together with Corel DRAW! (probably others). If you set it to manual or disable, Corel's product won't run (asks to reinstall). More information
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If you uninstall the file(s) you may be unable to play High Definition DVDs. The service is required to update decryption keys from Corel if the need arises.
John Stafford
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This gets installed and is the background down loader Corel Products like WinDVD you can disable it once you product is installed.
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This crap makes ICS not working. Only google loads. I have not investigated, but whatever it does must be very very odd and is potential virus/trojan like. When i got it running all computer that use my Internet connection share can only access through their browser (normal tcp/ip works!!). killing the process immideately makes the computers work again! (took me many many hours to find) This can mean that fucking service actually monitors internet searches and got a bug. Whoever is responsible: fuck you for wasting my time ! ;)
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Secunia security scanner related. More information
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create a cmd file in program dir with such contents: _________________________________________ net start "Protexis Licensing V2" start "" "Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo.exe" ping 0 -n 15 >nul net stop "Protexis Licensing V2" ________________________________________ change target of the shortcut that starts corel psp x2 to cmd-file you created. it will launch service,then program,waits for 15 seconds (until x2 loads) and then terminate service, but paint will work
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they are watching you. every thing you do. every place you go. reading any file they wish.
Ted Kaczinsky
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"they are watching you. every thing you do. every place you go. reading any file they wish." -Who the hell is this guy? I'm sure it's possible, but honestly I don't really give a damn! I just want my computer to run faster!Anyone have any definitive answers as to what exactly this program does or doesn't do?
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its the licensing thread from paint shop pro x2 ultimate
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