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File Name: TestDDCCI.exe
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Frankie B.
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LG Monitor Software
Deca Tera
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its just suddenly runs 90+% of cpu time. With two users it went 50-50. currently sitting at0%. go fugure. Just kills any action on the machien. Restart seems to knock it back to 0 until it goes bonkers again.
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TestDDCCI.exe seems to be launched when Dual Package of LG monitor is turned on. When TestDDCCI.exe starts it seems to be systematically followed by a second instance of itself. This exe puts the CPU at very high level (up to 100%) on permanent basis and slows down very much whatever you may try to do in parallel. Killing TestDDCCI.exe instances via TaskManager seems to stop this enoyance without affecting negatively usage of LG monitor.
Bob A.
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I concur that I have a dual monitor and the second is LG. I kill this pair of files on every boot without problems. Bob A.
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