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The VMSnap3.EXE process is a part of the software ZSMCSNAP from ZSMCSNAP.


The VMSnap3.EXE process is a non-essential process to system performance. Disabling it or enabling it is down to user's options.

Users Opinions

Mike Prime
Não sei não pessoal ~^ Esse processo só deveria ser executado quando detectada uma web-cam ou uso do programa VP-EYE como exemplo que uso com a minha A4tech web-cam, mais já estou um mês sem usá-la (ñ plugada na minha port USB) mais mesmo assim esse tal Dominio.exe e VMsnap3.exe continuam processando, pra mim é SUSPEITO ! Nem Editor têm pra começar ¬¬
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OMG! I had the same problem with my webcam! same one as urs. Thanks so much for the infos! mwah! it was really helpful!
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I have the same webcam and problem too!!! thanks pals!!!
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Michael Bohol, Phil
It did work!!! I had an intermittent problem with my webcam too (A4tech PK-635-M). I lost my drivers and had to search the entire web. I got both from driversguide and a4tech but it works for only a few minutes before but works great now. I simply disabled domino.EXE and VMSnap3.exe at the task manager (these files run together acc to research).
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This file is installed with the drivers from the somikon webcam. The file runs tohether with domino.exe. Neither vmsnap3.exe nor domino.exe are nesseccary to run the webcam. I had no problems after disableling both.
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