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WinTVExtender.exe WindowsAnytimeUpgrade.exe Wotspeak ModPack ver.16.exe
wrapper_26014_windows_intelx86.exe winwb.exe Windows Shell Experience Host
WireHelperSvc.exe wsffcmgr.exe wincom_VLB.exe
WeChatWeb.exe WebMD.Clinicals.AutoUpdaterService.exe winwfpmonitor.exe
waychu.exe wgfm_player.exe wecutil.exe
wdmaudcomdlg64.exe wintax.exe Windows-KB890830-x64-V5.42.exe
WinTV8.exe WDAppManager.exe Word2007.exe
WscReg.exe wmvdspapp.exe waukas.exe
WinOFF_guardian.exe WRPD16P.EXE WINROS.EXE'
Wireshark.exe winproductkey.exe worknc.exe
WebManagement.exe windowsstoresetupbox.exe WarZombie.exe
WmiOSD.exe WsChrome.exe WgaTray.exe.html [PLM=0] GET http:/www.glaryutilities.com/processlibrary/process/WgaTray.exe.html [0

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