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File Name: avgrsx.exe
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The avgrsx.exe is a process belonging to AVG Internet Security. It is a part of their antivirus and resident shield software and it helps protect your computer from viruses and outside attacks. This file is considered safe and is not virus or spywrae related.
avgrsx.exe is required by third-party software or hardware and should not disabled. Make sure always verify the exact disk location to make sure its in the proper folder.
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J. Orozco
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This a program utilized by AVG Internet Security which is a trustworthy program.
Big D
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It is part of AVG but the dadblasted thing eats up my cpu and will cause other programs to lock up
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it is not internet security, it is a file scanner that automatically scans files before you open and close, therefore making every part of you high speed computer uselessly slow.
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AVG is so slow. Every time I boot it takes forever. I'm going to switch to something else.
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Prof Patt
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if avgrsx.exe is hogging resources and effectively disabling your pc ... First, you will have to stop it's execution so that you can fix the problem. To stop it, just go to task mgr [be patient ... it could take a while to get there while avgrsx is still active]. Find the avgrsx process and terminate it. Now you can solve the problem. just right-click on the AVG icon on your desktop and select properties. Then: general tab ... advanced button ... un-check the box "For fast searching etc." click on all of the OK buttons
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that is not work.
Christopher Evans
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Part of a trusted anti-virus program More information
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Of course it's a CPU hog, it's a virus scanner. Virus scanners are pretty much CPU hogs by definition. That said, so are virii, so for my part, I'll take the scanner thanks.
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CPU hog, especially for gaming. Unable to set priority level. Impossible to play some games because it takes 100% of cpu even on the best computers. If disabled it will lock your system.
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