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The dpupdchk.exe process is an executable file of the Digital Persona Update Check for Microsoft IntelliPoint application, which comes with some Microsoft mice and keyboards. It is used to define mouse buttons to run any executable program or file they want (or a control key + letter combination), and can even define them for different functions in chosen programs.


The dpupdchk.exe process is not an essential file to the computer system performance. Disabling it or enabling it depends on whether you use Microsoft IntelliPoint application or not. 

Users Opinions

Microsoft\'s Inteli-Mouse Software Update process. Runs in accordance with the software user interface, \"Ipoint.exe\". Like almost all \"UpdateCheck.exe\" programs - this TOO, can be stopped safely. However, if you are using a \'MICROSOFT INTELIMOUSE/WIRELESS OPTICAL MOUSE/BLUETOOTH CAPABLE MOUSE etc.)\'...the OPTIONAL (yet very useful) \"USER BUTTON CONFIGURATION SETTING(s)\" will no longer function according to your custom setting(s). Thus, reseting the mouse\'s button functions: to DEFAULT SETTINGS!! Also note that by ** INSTALLING: MICROSOFT\'S \'INTELLIMOUSE SOFTWARE\' ** on your system, will cause the original MOUSE DEVICE(S) UTILITY (found in the control panel of WINDOWS) to CHANGE; REPLACED BY THE \"MICROSOFT INTELLIMOUSE SOFTWARE INTERFACE\" -my opinion: with more customizable control & user friendly appearance, the MICROSOFT INTELLIMOUSE SOFTWARE UTILITY, is ONLY worth installing, if you DO IN FACT- have significant NEED for ALTERING the MOUSE BUTTON ASSIGNMENTS...ie GAMER\'s & PRESENTATION USERs, as well as those of us that find the middle-click button USELESS (by default setting). Due to the \'barely noticeable\' amount of resources/memory- the MICROSOFT INTELLIMOUSE SOFTWARE uses, *when running/active: 2,000 Kbs(avg), thread count 2-4(avg), cpu time 0:00-0:15(avg) {THIS PROCESS IS WORTH INSTALLING, ALLOWING & IF NEED BE; STOPPING SAFELY WITH VERY MINIMAL EFFECT on the MOUSE\'s VERSATILITY}  More information
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Le Fred
Microsoft IntelliPoint (Mouse driver)
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