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People should be aware that this bitcoin miner also comes with a rootkit, so simply removing the files will not suffice! The rootkit typically associated is going by the name \"0Access\" or \"ZeroAccess\".
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Same exp as others here. Fortunately I use addgadgets desktop monitors and saw the activity within a day or two. Mine is coming back. After stopping iehighutil.exe and deleting the C:\\Temporary and removing the startup registry entry, it shows up again on reboot. Avast detected a high risk script in the C:\\Temporary folder before deletion, but can\'t find the parent.
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bitcoin mine used in java. To remove it kill the process from within taskmanager. and remove startup entries from msconfig and reg.
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You should look out for this coming back,its a file that a lot of script kiddies use that can fry you\'re GPU, if you find this any where on you\'re computer delete it RIGHT AWAY, if you\'re getting visual errors on you\'re screen(like white or black flashs) you surely will have this file on you\'re computer, the reason you\'re PC wasn\'t picking it up is because its new , it will create a file called temporary next to temp delete it.
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Same here. Not sure how it got in but deleted the C:\\Temporary folder and removed service from startup. It was causing frequent black screens of about 1-2 sec duration whenever a program needing the GPU loaded. Hopefully that\'s fixed it.
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I came home from work and noticed my computer was off. After a reboot it stayed on for about an hour and shut down again. I had noticed my video card\'s fan was running at 100% all the time. I thought it could just be the filters on the fans weren\'t letting enough air in, and it stayed on after a cleaning but the fan was still running at 100%, and with just the desktop running. So I check in Catalyst and every so often the usage is jumping to 97% and the card\'s heating up very quickly as well when it does this. Opening process manager revealed this iehighutil.exe running, I open the containing folder and it\'s this strange C:\\Temporary folder (not the normal Windows\\Temp folder even). So, I killed the process, deleted the folder, and took out the Run entry in the registry, and the problem is gone. I\'d say anything that can force your machine into emergency shutdown because of overheating is extremely dangerous, especially when it\'s via the video card (as if they didn\'t run hot enough already).
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Same here, GPU Bitcoin miner, remove it from startup via msconfig and delete C:\\Temporary
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Et voila
Dangerous takes control of graphics card processor and uses it to mine bitcoins. In doing this it manages to crash the graphics card driver regularly which at the time I thought might be a hardware problem.
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