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The lsm.exe process is an executable file of the Local Session Manager on Windows Vista. It purposes to manage the terminal server connections to the machine.


The lsm.exe process is not an essential file to the computer performance. Disabling it or enabling it is down to the user's options.

Users Opinions

I read it had something to do with Vista, so i stopped the process. Suddenly my Win7 computer said a critical error and is shutting down. I should\'ve left it alone but hind-sight is perfect. How to restart the process is what I need to do next....
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M H Tarafder
I found it's block or stop it's process make my Windows 7 PC Shutdown within a minute
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Ed Lake
Microsoft Windows Operating System Local Session Manager Service in C:\Windows\System32
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Wouldn\'t this then just apply to Vista Users and not say someone like myself who has Windows 7? It\'s a Microsoft product so shouldn\'t it be listed as Trustworthy?
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very much trustworthy.
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no user
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Lsm.exe Description : Local Session Manager. Process found on Windows Vista and whose role is to manage the terminal server connections to the machine. In Vista, terminal server sessions are not just Remote Desktop sessions from remote users as they are in Windows XP/2003, they are also your sessions when you are logged in to the PC at the PC itself, as all sessions, whether local or remote, are virtualised terminal server sessions. It follows, therefore, that this process is a crucial core process of Windows Vista. Lsm.exe Recommendation : Leave alone - this is a core Windows Vista process.  More information
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