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The msiexec.exe process is an executable file of the Windows Installer Component, which is used to install new programs that use Windows Installer package files (MSI). 


The msiexec.exe process is a non-essential file to your system performance. You can see it running when you are running an installer. If you complete the installing and then you can safely disable this process. 

Users Opinions

If it's turned on in Services, it will show up in task manager processes. If it is disabled or set up to start manually and hasn't been started, it will not be seen in task manager processes.
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ne pas le supprimer
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Keeps popping up trying to load something which my computer does not have. Very annoying. Can't seem to get rid of it.
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Yvon Roustan
I blocked it using Glary utilities. I have not yet uninstalled it as I am not sure what its purpose is  More information
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I agree with pulliam, if this is an installed function, why is it showing up in start up programs? i have had a boatload of trouble with the vista installer, and now on this older xp desktop its showing up with not much info -why doesn't microsoft fix this crap? I am removing it from start up, as this is another vunerable area.
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Mr Pulliam
I have been using Microsoft Windows XP for the past 4-5 years without msiexec.exe running as a start-up process in the task bar at all. It just began running on my system recently, without any Administrative Manual Program Installation Runs on my part, whatsoever. So, I cannot explain what is going on with this process any longer. I see it running in my task bar, and it bothers me, because no programs are being installed to my knowledge. It gives me the impression that a program on my system is initiating this process without my knowledge, for whatever reason, I am unaware of. I particularly find this threatening to my Operating System. I like this process to be set at manual through services.msc. Its value changes from manual to automatic without Administration rights, thereby posing a security and virus issue to my OS. Now, I just need to know what program or source is initiating this process without my consent. If it is Microsoft initiating this process, I cannot find any accurate knowledge-base explaining this new issue.
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It is starting to open for no reason at startup or install of new programs along with Microsoft office home and student 2007. can anyone help.
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I don\'t know if i agree i keep getting error 1706 & can\'t remove it. can anyone advice me
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It helps you install and uninstall programs and is vital because most programs run using it silently so DO NOT DISABLE THIS.
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