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File Name: ps2.exe
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The ps2.exe process is a part of the Hewlett-Packard's multimedia keyboard driver. It enables users to make use of the automation features of HP PS/2 multimedia keyboard keyboards and provides configuration options for additional keys, such as the Internet, E-Mail, and Wordprocessor function keys on their PC/laptop to directly open their Internet browser, E-Mail program, or wordprocessing program.
The ps2.exe process is a hardware/keyboard related program and is not considered spyware. It is not essential to system performance either. But it is required by certain multimedia keys on Hewlett Packard keyboards to function correctly. If you stop it, the multimedia keys will not function. 
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. More information
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I thought ps2.exe had to do with keyboard function. Why is ringing up as dangerous?
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The program ps2.exe is used to allow multimedia keys on Hewlett Packard keyboards to function correctly
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That much more potential for keylogging, eh?
g snoozer
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um.... this is obviously trustworthy
Henry Velda
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Is een HP Keybord Applicatie, en geheel onschuldig
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