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File Name: rlvknlg.exe
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The rlvknlg.exe process is a file related to RelevantKnowledge Adware. It is reported as a trojan by many virus checkers. It is used to track purchases on the Internet and use its own security certificate to route your secure purchase information through its servers.
The rlvknlg.exe process is Trojan/Backdoor. We strongly recommend you to terminate it and kill it immediately. When you attempt to delete this it may not let you if the file is in use. Press ctrl-alt-del and fine the rlvknlg.exe program in your processes list, then end the task. Then you should be able to delete it after doing this. 
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What that ?
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why is this given a "green light" for security (meaning "safe")?! it's a harmful trojan that would need to be removed IMMEDIATELY. change the green security indicator to RED, NOW! rlvknlg.exe eats up a lot of CPU power, so it needs to be considered A VIRUS!
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This program tracks your cookies or your browser’s chronology with the purpose of sending you aimed advertising and propose you marketing polls. Often it is packed with some freeware programs. Although it isn’t a real malware/spyware because his purpose is clearly explained once it is installed, I strongly suggest you to remove it from your Pc. More information
Aaron Donnelly
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A Virus or aka Trojan Virus
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dangerous exe progrem
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