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The rpcnet.exe process is an executable file of the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Net service, which is a core service of Absolute Software's LoJack laptop anti-theft protection software.


The rpcnet.exe process is not an essential file to the computer performance. Disabling it or enabling it is down to the user's options.

Users Opinions

Its an utterly crappy LoJack Service (written by pseudo-programmers), actively exploited by attackers and NSA. Many Notebook-Manufacturers enable this by accident in the bloaty uefi-code-depths of hell; some even without putting an option to control it in the bios/efi. LoJack dumbly connects to the net without checking serveridentity, which can be easily used to infect your computer.
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If you correctly bought this service it looks to be OK. Otherwise - if you didn't buy this service the person who has the information about your system can get a backdoor and do nasty things on your PC without your knowledge!!!
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Dieses sogenannnte Schutz-Tool befindet sich auch im Betriebssystem Microsoft unter der Bezeichnung "RPC-Locator"
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Essential LoJack Component - If you don\'t have LoJack on your laptop, you should remove it.
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rpcnet.exe is a Remote Procedure Call from Absolute Software Corp. belonging to Computrace Plus. This is a laptop tracking software Software name: Computrace Company name: Absolute Software Company website: http://www.absolute.com It is part of products: Laptop Retriever Runs as service: Yes Is visible task: No Description: This is the Hidden process of Computrace. Computrace is the software installed on the computer, usually for Universities and laptop purchase programs, which calls in daily to verify the location of the computer. If the computer is reported stolen, the next call in will be tagged, logged, and set active. whereby the software calls in every 15 minutes to track the computer. The software is not only unknown in Windows, but is locked into the MBR incase of a format.confirm it was Absolute Software (Lojack tracking Software mostly used in Laptops in case they are stolen). When you go to \"services\" via Control Panel> Administrative Tools> and open the services icon, Their are two valid services for Remote Procedure Call. They are Remote Procedure Call (RPC) - Status = Started, Startup type = Automatic and Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator - Status = Stopped, Startup type = Manual, You do not want to Remove or Disable these. If you have a third one right click go to Properties and open, if the Path is C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\rpcnet.exe, you probably have Absolute Software. To confirm go to Start> Run and type msconfig, and OK, in the System Configuration Utility open the Services Tab and put a check in the \"Hide All Microsoft Services\" scroll down to see if it shows Absolute Software Corp.After you have found that Absolute Software is on your PC, as far as I can tell there is no way to delete it or disable it, as I believe it is on the MBR (Master Boot Record). You are probably fine as far as RPCNET.EXE is concerned, although it may show up in your scans. Here are all the Paths for Absolute> (C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\rpcnet.exe) (C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\rpcnet.dll) (C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\rpcnetp.exe) (C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\rpcnetp.dll).  More information
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