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The services.exe process belongs to the Services Control Manager of the Microsoft Windows Operating System. It is used on Windows 2000/XP and is responsible for the starting, stopping and interacting with the system service. It can also change the services default settings from automatic to manual startup during the computers boot-up. It also hosts several important services that control functions such as event logging and Plug and Play functionality.
Other instance of services.exe:
There are viruses and trojans that use the same name as services.exe. In most cases, the bogus services.exe might be present in your Windows folder, and added to the RUN keys so that the Malware loads at every startup.
The services.exe process is an essential part of Windows and required for Windows to work properly. It should never be disabled.
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no user
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This is the Services Control Manager, which is responsible for running, ending, and interacting with system services.
Natalie Thompson
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Trouble getting started. Don't understand it yet.
Karsten Petersen
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An essential part of the Windows system More information
The Wizard
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It's a part of your Windows O/S. Stopping or interfering with this process can destabilize your windows, and/or cause windows to crash.
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It's a part of the Windows system.
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If in C:\\Windows and not in C:\\Windows\\system32 IT IS DANGEROUS DELETE!!!
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É o Flai Secury controla acesso de usuários aos sítes e para empresas.É seguro e confiável. More information
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im not going to delete im just going to store them in my recycle bin! :-)
joshua langkammer
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is it important
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When I start windows, this hogs all of my resources for about 5 minutes taking mega-gobs of memory. Makes my machine very slow and even non responsive during that time. You can watch it decrease in memory size during this period (well over a gig, falling down to 11 megs). It keeps my hard drive very busy during this time, too. Probably necessary, but certainly an annoyance.
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