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File Name: sidebar.exe
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The sidebar.exe process is a part of Microsoft gadgets and gadget software on Vista. It is used to implement windows sidebar feature on desktop. It appears in the startup. If you terminate it, gadgets and software bar will disappear.
The sidebar.exe process is not an essential file to the syetem performance. But it is not recommended to be disabled or deleted, as it is required by Vista desktop gadgets to work properly. If you don't want to use any gadgets, you can close it by right-clicking in the sidebar area and selecting Close Sidebar.
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from MS Vista for your desktop
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De MS Vista para tu escritorio
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diretorio do Windows
Speedy Gonzales
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Problemo es mucho. Programo no necessito mi hombre. Terminato del processio pronto mi compadre.
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sidebar.exe are not bad!
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