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Author: Symantec Corporation Security Rating:

The symlcsvc.exe process is a part of the Norton`s Internet Security Suite. It is used to offer additional features and configuration to the product.


The symlcsvc.exe process is not an essential file to the computer performance. Disabling it or enabling it is down to the user's options. 

Users Opinions

Symantec is little better than the virus malware they purport to protect you from. It arrives unbidden, gobbles system resources and is only a benefit to the folks that foisted it upon you. (This assuming you do not use and have attempted to delete one of their products and have this junk left over afterwards.) It\'s their license verification software, that calls home and provides them with info about you and your system usage, even though you do not want their junk on your computer. No accident the uninstall program they provide does not remove it. Just another evil, self serving, money grubbing corporation. If your computer gets very laggy after a couple of days, when nothing else is going on, check your file handles. All used by this crappy, invasive, worthless (to non symantec users) POS. Kill it. Avoid Symantec products like the plague.
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symlcsvc.exe is an application which belongs to Norton\'s Internet Security Suite, and provides additional security features.
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