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File Name: vssvc.exe
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The vssvc.exe process is a part of the Volume ShadowCopy service on Windows XP and onwards. Tis process supports backups of modifies files automatically the the operating system. 
The vssvc.exe process is not an essential file for the pc system performance. Disabling it or enabling it is down to user's options. If you never use the Volume ShadowCopy service, disable it via the "Administrative Tools | Services" icon in the Control Panel.
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This is a component of Microsoft Windows Application (Volume Shadow Copy Service) This service manages the "perfect image" backup of volumes that have files in use (opened) while the backup is going. It ensures that applications can continue writing data during the backup, that files that are opened are not omitted by the backup, and that backups can be performed at any time without locking users out. Typically the backup software you are using will interact with this service which will provide it with the appropriate consistent "realtime snapshot" of the volume as it is being backed up. Some backup packages, like Veritas, call this the "Open File" option, an option you normally have to pay extra for. Recommendation : It is not possible to backup open files in Windows XP/2003 without this service running, so if you find the service running, and you use backup software, leave it running, even if your backup software does not actually have the facility to backup open files. If you have no use for this service, disable it via the "Administrative Tools \\ Services" icon in the Control Panel.
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