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File Name: wlcomm.exe
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The wlcomm.exe process is an executable file of the Windows Live Communications Platform for Windows Live Messenger Contacts Server.
The wlcomm.exe process is not an essential file to the computer system. Disabling it or enabling it is down to the user's options.
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Windows Live Messenger Contacts Server required for the new windows live messenger 2009
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Why do so many developers add these services to enhance their products? I guess they feel they need the service to notify the user when the application isn't running, but maybe the user isn't running the application for a reason. I believe that installations should notify the user of any services that are being added and why, and the user should have the choice of installing the service or not. I don't believe that a service is required for most software and users should carefully consider before installing another service. Services are always running, even when you don't need/want them.
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messenger will sign out as soon as this service is stopped. necessary but why?????
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Für was ist das Gedacht??????
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Windows live messenger
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It's essential for Windows Live Messenger you mouth-breathing waterheads.
Raymond Robitaille / [email protected]
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I block wlcomm.exe, Microsoft don't seems to be interested to answer to my questions. I am also using Mandriva Linux 2010 on other computer, I never had that kind of problem and there is no extra security on my computer, Mandriva only.
Barrel Roller
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Needed for Windows Live Messenger.
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