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The wmiprvse.exe is a process belonging to Windows Management Instrumentation Provider Host program which provides management information and control in an enterprise environment. The program can notify users about important events related to network and file or application management right after each event occurs. With wmiprvse.exe, file managers in the enterprise environment are capable of configuring and searching for desktop system information or network and application information across the network. Multiple instances of Wmiprvse.exe can run at the same time under different accounts: LocalSystem, NetworkService or LocalService. The wmiprvse.exe file is placed with other services in the shared service host. This started to be applied with the release of MS Windows XP.


The original file from Microsoft gets placed in the Located at C:\WINDOWS\System32\Wbem. If you find it anywhere else then you should be suspicious for sure.

Users Opinions

In plain language: if you use the Windows Firewall this service will be running.
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This process consumes from 65% to 99% of my CPU, all the time, but I cannot figure out why. It is in the right directory and I have good malware protection. I wish I knew what is wrong.
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dr bits
Interface for programs to the WMI database. Signed by Microsoft.
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Windows Management Instrumentation
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Nicholas Joseph Romano
This is a part of Windows 7's Operating System and needs to be left running for proper functioning. WMI stands for Windows® Management Instrumentation and this is the running Service for programs that need it. It typically runs in multiple Svchost.exe events to protect your PC from crashing of a single instance fails. IGNORE AND REFERAL TO THIS BEING A VIRUS.
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this processus suck
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The Wimprvse software is essential for security and stability of the operating system. The operating system requires this program to run smoothly. It is however important to see where the wimprse.exe is situated and what folder it is running from. A Windows operating system that is functioning normally often requires various accounts to run wmiprvse.exe. It is normal to see wmiprvse.exe simultaneously running in the LocalService, NetworkService, and the LocalSystem. Wmiprvse.exe application is always situated in the systems32 folder of the Windows operating system. The filename and path is C:\WINDOWS\System32\Wbem. If you happen to observe that wmiprvse.exe running from a different origin, meaning outside the systems32 folder, then there is a huge possibility that it is a Trojan, or a Virus.  More information
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ok as long as it resides in the folder C:\Windows\System32\Wbem\. An easy way to see the location is to highlight it in the Glary Utilities Process Manager and hit the "Show Details" button. The folder is listed under the Process Information section.
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is it goog or bad this file ??????????????????????????????????
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magkano yelo?
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yer i no its ms...but \"whenever software requirires its facilities\" doesn\'t happen, so you can safely end this process.
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yo what is it?
is it good or bad
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John Martin
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Pedro Ortiz
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From Experience I have found that I can end this process without causing any instablity to my system or installed software.
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Kernel_check wmiprvse.exe X Added by the SONEBOT-B WORM! scApp wmiprvse.exe X Added by the W32/SillyFDC-AW worm. winmgmt wmiprvse.exe X Added by the Troj/Agent-GHP Trojan.
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Don\'t listen to b. gates, he probably wants to make people destroy their own computers!
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Part of the esential windows process, dont touch it!
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Essential Do Not Renove
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