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The wmpnetwk.exe process is an executable file of Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service. It is responsible for sharing Windows Media Player libraries.


The wmpnetwk.exe process is a non-essential process. Disabling it or enabling it is down to the user's preferences.

Users Opinions

lavard publishing
takes up alot of cpu usage
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Kill this Process
I have deleted it and I am glad I did, darn what a energy feeder this one is, my browser went sloooow
popularity 14 negativ 19 report Report Abuse
i disabled it it\'s not important
popularity 55 negativ 20 report Report Abuse
Uses quite a bit of power but it\'s a WMP application.
popularity 1 negativ 4 report Report Abuse
Uses excessive CPU resources. Disable/terminate until needed.
popularity 2 negativ 3 report Report Abuse
Jay C.
Has about 10 host processes running from 5k to 115k in memory. Don't know what it does, will remove and see if CPU cools off.
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Amin Regine
Very dangerousidentity hijack mal/spyware
popularity 44 negativ 15 report Report Abuse
Had my hdd running 24/7. Wouldn't care so much if my case and hdd were the quiet type but it was too annoying to ignore. Disabled it and all is peaceful again. Did not hog cpu or ram for me though. Just had my hdd grinding constantly.
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Window Media Player
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no way other than block/end process with tm or utilities on win7 media player 12?? can it be restarted at a later date if i end process now? uses a lot of resources. advice please?!
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Fantastic! Spread the word, this really takes a lot of wear of your HDD.
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Used Txguy's instructions and turned wmpnetwk.exe off. We'll see if it frees up any resources.
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Justin Case
During the periodic bug hunt, the process showed 50% of CPU resources were being used somewhere, and it was this one. Turned it off, and experienced dramatic increase in system performance!
popularity 4 negativ 30 report Report Abuse
Thanks Txguy. My disk was doing 100% disk access and when I turnd this off it went to 13%. WOW!! Thank you Sir.
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If you share media with other computers on your network this is a good thing to have start up or you can turn it on just by opening windows media player and clicking off (if you dont want it to come on during startup)
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no user
non of these solutions seem to exist in windows 7 media player
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If wmpnetwk.exe keeps tying up resources you can disable Windows Media Player media sharing. 1. In Windows Media Player turn off media sharing in the library tab right click on it > click \"media sharing\" unclick the media sharing tab and click ok 2. Turn off the \"WMPnetwk.exe\" service Under the \"RUN\" command in the start menu type \"services.msc\". Then Scroll down to \"Windows media player network sharing\" Double click and under startup type set to disabled.
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Used by Windows Media Player. If you share media with other computers, leave it on. Otherwise, you can turn it off.
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