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The wuauclt.exe process belongs to Windows Update AutoUpdate Client, which is rsponsible for checking the Microsoft website for updates to the operating system and keeps your Windows system patched. It runs in the Task Manager's list and can be manually turned on or off, or be shecduled to run according to the user's settings. If there is updates available for Windows and ready to install, this process will appear as a tray icon to inform you. Therefore, it can keep your Windows system away from stability issues, security risks, system vulnerabilities and so on.


The wuauclt.exe process is required for Windows Update AutoUpdate Client to work properly. It should not be disabled or removed. 

Users Opinions

Antonio R Dabney
great thing to have if it helps you out also for users and adminstrators
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It always appears on startup with an svchost.exe file. I never had the problem but for the last 6 months, my computer won\'t load anything until it\'s done with whatever it\'s doing. I\'ve spent months trying fixes for my older Dell but I\'m now shopping for a Mac. Not a lot of info out there and it appears to be a MS auto update. Some say it\'s a virus. It\'s a P.I.T.A file Pain in the .....
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Ra Wallace
yeah sure it's trustworthy, but stop the auto-updater. MS updates send out lots of goodies, but some of it is just crap plus the reboots always seem yo happen when your 90% done on a megaupload/rapidshare DL. don't block just set to manual update.
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It's trustworthy guys unless it's infected. If it's installing other things on your computer then that's not the real wuaulclt.exe. Stop confusing users please.
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Kim Garner
I am not able to finish downloads on windows update and hoped to get some answers from this. kgarner.seven@gmail.com
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untrustworthy installs other things besides updates including unwanted programs and controls. a peice of crap won't even install many updates without failing then we have to spend time trying to correct your mess
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Process File: wuauclt.exe Process Name: AutoUpdate for WindowsME Description: Wuauclt.exe is a process managing automatic updates for Windows. This process continuously checks for the latest updates by going online. This process should not be removed if you want to get informed about new updates.
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Windows update~needed
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